“I initially started coming to CLC because of my terrible headaches/migraines and also dizziness. I was getting them weekly, which impacted work and my daily life. I felt like I was constantly dizzy which would often make me nauseous. I blacked out OFTEN when standing up and would have to stop until my vision came back. I have been to other Doctors multiple times and they would just put me on meds which made me very ill. I also had very irregular bowel movements which I was taking medication for from time to time.

Since starting care at Congruent Life, my blackouts/dizziness have COMPLETELY stopped. I have fewer migraines and headaches as well.

A couple things that completely surprised me have also changed since starting care. I’m back to regular/daily bowel movements, I’m sleeping better and I’m MUCH less anxious. My menstrual cycle has also improved greatly!! I used to have horrible cramping/bleeding and now it’s completely bearable compared to the past!

I had heard all great things about Congruent Life which is why I started care here – in hopes for answers and change! I have been nothing but impressed with Dr. Mike’s knowledge and desire to help. He explains everything in detail and terms you can understand. Dr. Mike and Mady have a GREAT team! Very impressed all around!”

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