“One day I had woke up with the worst back pain!! It was so painful to move/walk.

Obviously I called Congruent Life Chiropractic since I was already taking two of my kids there! They were amazing right from the start!

After seeing my scans and seeing all of the areas where I had so much stress it was so eye opening! Sometimes we just live with the pain and ignore what our body is trying to tell us. The scan showed what I hadn’t spoke with my mouth. Areas that I had been struggling with because of my postpartum hormones. I definitely felt like I was struggling with mild PPD for probably the first 6 months of Eric’s life. My hormones made me feel all over the place, super irritable and not enjoying my kids/life at all.

It was the worst feeling and I know I was miserable to live with as a wife and a mother! I couldn’t believe the difference I felt within a couple months of being regularly adjusted. It wasn’t an overnight change but I’m here to tell you there did come a day that I wasn’t feeling those PPD feelings any longer and able to handle stress much easier.

Focusing on what I was putting into my body, trying to become healthier and of course getting regular adjustments (so my nervous system can function properly) has been such a great change in my life!!

I’m a huge advocate for Chiropractic and believe that it can help in SO many areas!! I hope that if you or your kiddo is struggling in any way that you’ll give CLC a shot!!”

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