“I started chiropractic care due to struggling with fertility issues. It became an issue when I was under a lot of stress, had a drop in my weight, and no longer continued taking my birth control. I went a little over a year without a period. This issue impacted me at a mental and physical level, as I wanted to start a family right after my wedding in January. It also impacted my husband, as my emotions were up and down, which seemed to put a lot of stress and concern on him. It also impacted close family and friends as they knew I was struggling, and would give anything to become a mom. I felt that my work was impacted due to feeling stressed and worried that my dream of becoming a mom was not in my near future.

Before starting care I was very active, and lived to workout, shortly after starting care I had to make adjustments to my daily routine and accept some physical changes that were happening to my body in order to reach my ultimate goal of becoming a mom. With the care from Congruent Life I started realize a whole new meaning of health and wellness. I did not try a lot of other care options, but my husband and I were on the path to start looking at additional options before I started chiropractic care.

I am now near the end of my second trimester! This is a huge milestone for my family since we started care in hope of being able to have a healthy and successful pregnancy. I have also noticed a positive change in my sleep and stress levels.

Dr. Mike and the team at Congruent Life have been nothing, but amazing. Dr. Mike has been extremely helpful, and has always taken the time to make sure I fully understood my treatment and the care that he has provided. The team at Congruent Life was very welcoming when I first started care with them. The team at Congruent Life always show they care and are working to provide each other their patients with the best care possible, and the care that each individual needs.”

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