“Kooper is diagnosed with ADHD and several learning challenges. These all really began for him around age 5. He would struggle to stay focused, he would oftentimes not want to try to achieve things at school due to lack of confidence directly related to his challenges. At age 7 we decided to try medication for him at school. The first medication we tried made it impossible for him to sleep and he was an emotional wreck compared to my loving young boy normally. The second medication seemed ok at first but a few weeks in he started to have severe side effects, the worst being hallucinations. My son was terrified at the things happening to him. I felt so helpless. I felt so heartbroken for my son. Medication was not going to be an option.

We went to several specialists and therapists until we found a great psychologist that understood medication was not for us and worked with us on other ways to help him work through struggles. Although this helped, it was not Kooper’s answer. Our family was still not balanced, he was still struggling, homework would take hours with many tears from mom and son, stress was common within our household. That is when Congruent Life was suggested to us. I was skeptical at first, but willing to try it for my son.

When meeting with Dr. Mike for the first time, I felt such relief and finally knew there was hope for some understanding. Dr. Mike seemed to know exactly what we were going through, he was so positive and encouraging. When we had our sit down to discuss Kooper’s treatment plan my eyes were full of tears of relief, someone understood our struggles and was ready to lead us to a path of balance and wellness.

Since starting care at CLC, Kooper has improved his focus, health and overall well being. Whenever there is an illness he bounces back in a very short amount of time, when before he would be down for days. Kooper’s outlook and confidence has grown. And for the very first time, his teacher at school approached me during school fun night extremely excited, grasping my hands explaining—“We must celebrate!” Kooper for the first time all school year had all his language arts done for the whole week by Wednesday, all on his own. Now this may not seem like a huge accomplishment to some but for us it was a milestone. He was completing work, focused work ahead of time and on his own.

Not only has Kooper’s school work and stress improved, he smiles with more confidence than ever before. His overall health has improved, before when he would catch a bug he would be ill for days. Now it passes quickly and with less severity. His focus has improved and has less stress and anxiety as a result of his time at CLC.

He looks forward to and asks when his next appointment with Dr. Mike is. We completely love and appreciate all the staff at Congruent Chiro. Always a warm smile, every child is celebrated and welcomed and we love Mady’s hugs too!! I am always amazed at how Dr. Mike remembers little things from Kooper’s appointments and is so supportive, he even checks in on mom. Congruent Chiro has changed our lives for the better. Congruent has become part of our family. For the first time, I know Kooper will be ok. We have CLC on our team! Thank you!”

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