“I started having migraines during my first pregnancy, and they continued after baby. Every time I went to the doctor I was just given hardcore meds – pain blockers, daily blood pressure meds, ect. with no attempt at helping me pinpoint the cause, since there are “too many” possibilities of what could be causing my migraines. I felt brushed off and like I wasn’t being taken seriously.

I felt like I could cry at my first appointment with Dr. Mike when he affirmed that I didn’t need to suffer that way, and that I didn’t need to just continue to medicate my symptoms – but rather eliminate the root cause.

I actually found out I was pregnant for the second time shortly after starting care at Congruent Life. I expected the migraines to return at full force like they did with my first pregnancy, but they didn’t. I’ve also had hardly any back pain or ligament pain this pregnancy (drastically different from the first) and I’m now entering my 3rd trimester! It feels so amazing to feel good this pregnancy. To not have back pain, to be sleeping well and to have NO MORE MIGRAINES!”

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