“We started Micah here ultimately because of all the chronic health issues that I have experienced in my 20’s, I didn’t want her health journey to look the same way mine has. She’s always been pretty healthy, but we wanted to do everything that we could to support her immune system and development, so hopefully she will not struggle with the things I have once she is older.

Since Micah has began at CLC, we’ve been able to see developmental changes through her adjustments and subsequent scans. It’s really reinforced our decision to bring her here. If she’s constipated, we bring her in for an adjustment and it resolves the issue almost immediately! If she’s fighting something, we bring her in for an extra adjustment and she’s able to get over the illness so much more quickly.

Another unexpected change we’ve seen since beginning chiro care is her eyes aren’t crossing nearly as much anymore! Micah got glasses when she was 15 months old. Before starting care, if Micah wasn’t wearing her glasses, her eyes were pretty consistently crossed. The doctors told us it probably wouldn’t be until Micah was 8 years old that her eyes would be normal. We’d only been coming about 2 months when we started noticing her eyes don’t cross nearly as much when her glasses are off! The only thing we’ve changed is incorporating chiropractic care. It’s so cool to see her eyes are pretty much normal now!

I’m excited Micah is going to have this foundation and support for her immune system and development, that she is going to grow up understanding how her body works and honoring that. Chiropractic is helping her stay healthy, vibrant, and just live the best life she can. We are so happy with our decision to start getting her adjusted!”

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