“When we started Henry, we were primarily concerned with his ears. He had already had two tubes surgeries, for ear infections. We had heard chiropractic could help and we’ve seen some other testimonials. His ear infections were frequent enough and bad enough to the point that he had a speech delay.

He was probably 6 months old when we caught his first ear infection. We kind of lost faith in modern medicine because every time we’d go in there, they’d say, “just a couple more ear infections and we’ll refer you to get surgery.” It just seemed like they were never actually really going away. Maybe the infection was clearing up but the fluid just wasn’t draining and it was just a matter of a week or two before he had another ear infection then we were back in the doctor another week later.

Every month we were going in for an ear infection and that continued for about 6 months and then he had his first surgery and he was okay for about 6 months, that seemed to help. But then the tubes fell out because he grew and then we were right back to the same cycle. Their solution again was, “he just needs another surgery.” It just seemed like the wrong thing. It was eye opening to me because with those surgeries, I looked at the paperwork, most people don’t, one of the forms you sign for anesthesia, “you understand there’s a risk for death and you can’t hold us liable.” Wait a second – I’m signing so that he can get tubes put in his ears, this just seems bizarre, invasive, unnatural thing.

We were committed to find a solution for him after that point.

When we came here, Dr. Mike willingly shared his story and it was really similar to Henry’s. What was different here, is that your approach is about the whole person and about healthy lifestyle in general and not necessarily about treating the symptom. Because even though the doctor made it seem like they were treating the cause by putting tubes in, it still seemed like a symptom because as soon as that tube was gone we were right back to where we were.

After starting at CLC, we started to notice his posture improving and he seemed to be stronger. The way he carried himself was different. He started to have more confidence. Time went by and we noticed, “Hey! He hasn’t had an ear infection!” I didn’t expect chiropractic care would fix that but I thought it could maybe help. We kept going month after month and here we are, he hasn’t had an ear infection in years! We have even noticed improvements in his speech! Overall his health is better. Kids get colds, it’s a part of life, but when he gets them, he gets over them quicker. After we started our 2 kids at CLC, we went the whole first year without either of them getting sick, and before, it was every other month we were having to stay home from work to take care of a sick kid.”

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