“Before finding CLC, our daughter, Adalyn was being treated for Sensory Processing Disorder, OCD, general anxiety, and speech by some amazing therapists. She continues to get great therapy and she has made huge improvements. However, it was not until we added chiropractic care to Adalyn’s care plan that everything seemed to “click” and make everything easier for her.

While she was making progress each week in speech, PT, OT, and behavior health, it was not until we added chiropractic to the picture that we started seeing huge gains. Before getting chiropractic care, Adalyn could not tell where she was in space, she was extremely anxious and had major balance and coordination issues. Basic gross motor skills were difficult for her such as running, skipping, jump roping, and riding a bike. The bones in her feet were collapsing and her legs were starting to bow inward. Because of her sensory processing disorder it affected her ability to use her legs and this was affecting her muscles and bones. She did not feel the way most people feel things.

I will never forget our PT would put electrodes on the back of her legs to stimulate her muscles to help her brain and body communicate. However, as soon as she would start to move she would tell the therapist that the electrodes had turned off. The therapist would check them and sure enough they were working but Adalyn could not feel them. Our therapist was shocked! This went on for several weeks. After weeks of her not feeling the electrodes we had her start care at CLC. After 3 adjustments, guess what? She felt the electrodes and every time since then she has felt them!

With the combination of great therapists and chiropractic care, Adalyn is reaching her goals on every level! From speech, to PT, OT, and managing her anxiety so much better. She can now do things that a healthy kid can do. She can connect with people easily, make friends, and things don’t bother her like they used to. She has reached fine motor, gross motor, and strength goals by adding care at Congruent Life!

We love the staff and the results that we have seen in our sweet Adalyn.”

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