“The first time I decided to try CLC was when I was around 28 weeks pregnant with my first child. I was having severe pelvic floor pain as my body was stretching and adjusting to prepare for labor (I couldn’t even go on a brisk walk!). The pain was completely gone by the end of my pregnancy and I had an enjoyable, successful vaginal birth. Once I was pregnant a second time, I knew I wanted to continue care at CLC. I started a little earlier this time (around 20 weeks) to be more proactive and I can say with confidence I had MINIMAL aches and pains my entire pregnancy (besides the normal growing that comes with it).

What drew me to CLC was the community and atmosphere. I had only been to one chiropractor in the area, but the moment I walked into CLC’s doors it felt beyond welcoming and warm. Every single employee has treated me with love and always has my best interest in mind. I knew chiropractic care was beneficial for me when I got my first adjustment! After I leave an appointment I tell people I feel like I can go run a marathon (yes, I even said that at 39 weeks pregnant!). But when I really take the time to reflect and ask myself WHY I go to CLC, especially during pregnancy, it’s because I was able to go into both of my labor & delivery experiences feeling physically and mentally confident. My body felt GOOD and I knew it was helping set myself and my children up for success.

Now that I have received chiropractic care for both of my pregnancies and have experienced the way it has made me feel both physically and mentally, I am so grateful for my CLC family. Whether it’s for my next pregnancy or a completely different reason, Congruent Life Chiropractic will be in my future.”

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