I began care when I was pregnant with my goal of having a natural, unmedicated birth. I wanted to give myself the best chance and I learned that chiropractic care might be able to help with this!

My husband was so supportive of me continuing chiropractic care postpartum because of how amazing our birth experience was. My birth was 3 hrs and was completely unmedicated! Even my husband was adamant that my consistent chiropractic care played a huge factor in how wonderful our birth went! I felt so confident and empowered during labor with all the knowledge, empowerment, and support I received during pregnancy at CLC. You took care of my body physically to optimize birth preparation, but also your culture here is just so supportive for mothers. I felt more supported here than anywhere else during pregnancy.

When I shared with my midwives that I wanted to have an unmedicated birth, it was a scenario where I had to continually remind them about my wishes and them continuing to remind me it was okay if I wanted an epidural. Here it was so different, the doctors knew that this was my goal and did everything they could to support me in that decision and help me achieve that goal.. I didn’t feel like I had that experience with any of my other practitioners.

There was so much doubt introduced from not only other practitioners, but also my family and friends.

Everyone was very skeptical of me being able to have a natural labor, reminding me of my very low pain tolerance. It would make me question “can I actually do this??” But I knew whenever I walked through the doors at CLC, I would be fully heard and supported.

Here, I learned those pain signals during birth have a purpose to continue to give information to the brain in order to progress labor. I learned how it allows you to have control over your pelvic floor muscles rather than just blocking all the sensors. It was a whole different perspective on the incredible design of natural labor and I felt so empowered in my bodies ability to be able to do this!

I continue to feel that support during this postpartum journey. As a new mom, I have learned there’s a lot of areas of new stress in my body that come along with nursing and caring for my baby. With the increase in stress in my lower neck from nursing, I started to get tingling into my hands. When I came in to get adjusted you knew exactly what was happening in my body and we were able to resolve the issue right away.

We got our daughter adjusted within the first week of her life. Before coming to CLC, I had no idea babies’ spines and nervous systems endure a lot of stress during the birthing process. If Joanna is going through a big developmental leap, I now know that keeping her nervous system as calm as possible and adjusting her in areas of stress can help optimize that development. Or when she is sick, I know that getting adjusted can help her immune system function more optimally and speed up her recovery process.

One time I brought her in and she had been spitting up so much, I was starting to get concerned. You did some adjustments in the areas that help with her digestive system and it helped so much! The fact that we can bring her in for an adjustment when she is constipated and she is able to go poop before we even leave is mind blowing!

I had been to other chiros in the past, but CLC was so different! I had never experienced a technologically integrated chiropractic approach. Because of the scans, I am able to see and understand the stress in my body so much more. One of the coolest things I have learned is the way our spine and nervous system is connected to everything else. By getting adjusted, I know that all the organ systems in my body are able to function better. It has allowed us to be a lot more proactive in our health rather than reactive.

There have been multiple times that we’ve come to get adjusted and I haven’t even told the doctors about what’s going on with Joanna or myself, but they already know based on where the stress is at in our nervous systems! There was one time you identified the EXACT thing that was happening in our life before I had the chance to even tell you and I was completely shocked!

It blows my mind, through identifying stress in our spine, you’re able to tell what’s going on in our lives. The fact that that is possible communicates your spine and nervous system is clearly connected to how everything is functioning in your body and your quality of life; therefore you should proactively maintain that!

I’ve learned it’s not about “oh I’ve just got in a car accident I should get adjusted”, but rather “I just rode in the car for 6 hours and that was stressful to my spine; I should get adjusted and address that stress right away” …. or “I’m postpartum and breastfeeding, which also puts a lot of stress on my system and it’s important I maintain my nervous system health so I can continue to heal optimally and function my best as I’m caring for my new infant.” People don’t really think about all the small things that stress your nervous system on a daily basis that can add up to larger areas of stress and problems if left unaddressed.

I think the best thing about congruent life is the supportive culture. I don’t know any of your other patients, but yet it still feels like a family whenever I walk in the door! The doctors are empathetic and encouraging; CLC is great in every way.

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