“I’ve had lots of asthma issues ever since I was 12 years old. Throughout my 20s I got in a pattern of getting infections every 3 months when my allergies would kick up. I had some autoimmune problems that were undefined and flared in my mid 20s. So I was just in a bad cycle of constant need for antibiotics and prednisone. I had really low energy, and couldn’t really ever get fully healthy.

I felt like I wasn’t really listened to when I would tell my doctor, “this keeps happening.” They would say, “okay, I’m sorry, but this medicine will help you.” It was just putting a bandaid over it with medicine. I always felt like there had to be something more that we could do because obviously it was a consistent problem. I didn’t feel like I could ever get someone to really look into what was going on; it was just well the pulmonologist knows the lungs, when I had skin problems, the dermatologist knows the skin – it wasn’t a full look at health, it was just pieces.

When I was pregnant, my asthma would flare and I would have to go to the ER for breathing treatments. That kind of happened periodically. Even though I was on tons of asthma medications, I was still dealing with it! That’s when I started realizing it was maybe more hormone related. Clearly just treating the asthma isn’t doing anything.

I think the biggest difference about coming here versus the medical places I’ve been to was that you guys actually took the time to listen to everything that I had going wrong with me. It was, “from this scan and from the symptoms you’re having, this is what correlates.” It was a bigger picture I was looking for to give me hope that treating these systems could actually solve some of my problems. It was different that the time was taken and the technology that could take a look at my full system, my body as a whole, and that there was a true correlation to my symptoms and stressed areas in my body.

I instantly got way more energy after starting here! I was dancing around with my daughter. I was able to do more housework without getting really tired, I wasn’t totally burned at the end of the day. I was having some asthma symptoms but my body was able to fight it better. This spring has been hard, but overall I have bounced back better. Those things are what I’ve noticed right off the bat.

Being here has given me a lot of hope that overtime I can really be healthy. I had tried to workout more, to take supplements, I was trying to do everything right but then my body would just crash and I’d end up having to start over again. That was really getting exhausting. Now I’m able to make these steps to be healthy and to actually have more energy to do it. My body is getting taken care of regularly. I have hope that we’re already breaking patterns and we’re going to continue to. Before I would just think, “I’m going to deal with this for the rest of my life, I guess this is just my normal.” But now, I think, “this could actually get better!”

If anybody has any issues and they haven’t found answers, to try chiropractic because it is a great first step to help get your body right so you can move forward. I’m bringing my daughter now even though nothing is “wrong”. I don’t want her to end up like I did where her body is just out of whack and she ends up with chronic health issues.”

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