“I was coming in for prenatal care and began to learn how babies go through so much in both the womb and during childbirth. The stress that gets absorbed into their upper neck can influence all the neurology that controls growth + development, sleep + healing, and the immune system. It was so important to us that we brought Ridge in to get adjusted right after birth to address all of the stress in his nervous system as soon as possible, so ultimately he would be able to function at his best.

I wanted to make sure that he’d be set up to have the best possible development he could have, and I think through chiropractic care, that’s what we’ve been able to give him. I’ve learned tools from you guys to allow Ridge to function as best as possible. If he is fighting something immune wise, I bring him for extra adjustments to help optimize the function of his immune system. I know whatever struggle his body is navigating, he will only be able to handle it the best he can, if he has a balanced nervous system.

Prior to coming here, I had only been to chiropractic offices that would just do one scan in the beginning before starting care, but I never got subsequent scans done after that. At CLC, you are getting re-scanned frequently and are able to see your progress and how your body and nervous system is functioning on paper which is really awesome and a big reason why we decided to come here.

Another thing we absolutely love about CLC is the family atmosphere. You guys know us personally and truly care. It’s just the greatest feeling walking in and feeling known and heard.
My husband, Ridge and I all come here. I was the first one to start and saw huge benefits for myself, I knew this was a place I wanted to bring my whole family. It’s important to us to be preventative and proactive in our health, rather than just waiting for something bad to happen, and you’ve given us the tools and knowledge to do so!”

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