“We started care at Congruent Life to help with reflux in our 2 month old. Nothing was working to resolve the problem at home, and his doctor didn’t seem concerned. Our little man would toss his entire bottle back up at times. We had to be overly cautious with where we went and fed him, and how we handled him after eating. He was fussy all the time due to so much coming back up so often! After his doctor told us it was just a phase, we decided to look further. CLC and a formula change were our last hopes. We literally walked into CLC saying “you are our last hope.”

Hudson is now so happy and a mostly vomitless four month old. We can go anywhere & not be worried about feeding him or if we brought enough burp rags along. No more feeling helpless as we would watch him vomit his bottle. We can tell he feels so much better and is so much happier!

Dr. Mike and his team are miracle workers!! Mady and Victoria are always so nice and strike up conversations in the lobby. They truly care about every individual who walks in! Dr. Mike is phenomenal. He takes the most delicate patients and truly fixes them. They are honestly the best team ever!! I feel like I have known them my entire life.”

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