“Before starting care at CLC, Jackson’s neck was getting stuck to the right side and his head shape was being affected. So I sought out care when he was 5 weeks old. My first stop and main thing we wanted to try was chiro care; we knew this would likely help a lot of other things too. The added benefits of sleeping and breastfeeding were things I thought about too.

I started realizing this was working for him and had an impact on him when we would see his head shape changing quite a bit. His family would notice and comment on how good it looked. We saw those physical changes.

We’ve seen the changes in his head but we are continuing to bring him for the overall health benefits because chiro can help with all sorts of things throughout his body. I have plenty of friends who have kids that get ear infections all the time, so if there’s something I can do to help potentially prevent that or help him through that, I’m all for it! They change so much and grow so much in the first year of life; if there’s anything I can do to try to put him ahead, especially during this crazy time in life, then I’m all for it.”

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