“When Maci was 7.5 months old, she had a tumor removed from the right side of her brain that ended up affecting the left side of her body. It caused a lot of asymmetries in her muscles and her left foot turned in a lot. Before starting care at CLC, Maci was struggling with coordination, strength, and alignment. It seemed like her body was working really hard to do simple things like walking.

Before starting our journey at CLC, Maci was working hard at OT and PT. She was definitely getting stronger, and we were noticing progress. At the same time, I realized this is just the way Maci is now, and I wanted to do everything in my power to help her excel and reach her full potential. Chiropractic was one of the things we hadn’t tried yet.

The scans that you did at CLC were nothing like we’d ever seen before. Everything that I was telling you, was showing up on those scans. We could actually SEE the asymmetries in how Maci’s energy was distributed throughout her body. We could see how EXHAUSTED one side of her body was. We’d seen the tumor, we’d seen the MRIs, but I’d never seen a map of how her body was actually FUNCTIONING before.

Within the first few months of care, we were already noticing BIG changes. For the first time, Maci could jump with her feet together!! Before, it was always like a gallop. She couldn’t coordinate both her feet moving together at the same time. Her right foot would lead and her left would always lag behind. That was HUGE and something we were all super excited about.

The improvements didn’t stop there. After almost a year of being under care, we are continuing to see progress in how Maci can coordinate movements between the left and right side of her body.

We were recently at the Apple orchard, and Maci was running towards me with her feet so much more aligned, her body wasn’t completely kinked and rigid. It made me think back to a video we have of Maci running at the orchard at the same time last year before starting care, and her left foot was just so turned in. I’m just so excited to see how much more CONFIDENT and AWARE of her body she is becoming!

I started coming recently as well and have realized how much better my body feels, it made me think – it can only be working so awesome for her body too!!”

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