“I began care here when I was about 1/2 way through my pregnancy because I had intense pain going down the back of my leg that was progressively getting worse. The pain was getting bad enough that it was making it hard to work. I had so much stress pulling my hips forward from all the biomechanical changes happening during pregnancy, it was really easy to become “unbalanced” which caused me so much pain.

I own a business that requires me to lift a lot of furniture while I’m at work… some days it’d get bad enough that I would either have to lay down and not be able to finish my work, or I’d have to find someone else to do it for me.

Before pregnancy, I would have really bad issues with sciatica every few months that would come and go, but when I got pregnant it just became constant and got worse and worse. I knew I had to find a more permanent solution. You guys actually found the points of stress on my body with your neurological scans and were able to put a care plan in place to give me long-lasting relief.

After a few weeks it was making my work so much more tolerable. I noticed the longer I was coming, the longer I would experience relief in between adjustments. Coming in every Monday morning and getting rebalanced for the week was crucial for me after having really busy weekends at work. As we got busier during wedding season, I was actually able to keep up without being in intense pain! This last weekend was actually one of the busiest weekend we’ve ever had and I had ZERO pain [at 36 weeks pregnant!]; I was able to actually execute the whole week with my team and not have to “tap out”. At 36 weeks pregnant, I’m feeling better than I did at 20 weeks of pregnancy!”

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