“I started coming here because of generalized pain, fatigue, and anxiety/stress! I was actually at a previous chiropractor before moving to the area, I went religiously like I do here, but I never saw the progress like I have experienced at CLC. They didn’t do the scans that you guys do… it didn’t seem like they were able to pinpoint the areas of stress on my nervous system like you guys were able to… your approach was just so much different and I think it’s what my body needed to heal.

When I did the initial scans here, even though I had been going to another chiro for awhile, they were still showing areas of significant stress in my nervous system! Once I started at CLC, I noticed that I progressed a lot faster than I had experienced in the past.

I started getting adjusted 3x/week and by about week 4 I wasn’t feeling nearly as uncomfortable throughout the day and I started to see a lot of improvements in my ability to fall asleep at night as well. I go to bed at the same time that I always have, but now when I wake up… I feel refreshed and energized, rather than exhausted. When I get home from work, I don’t feel like I just need to take a nap right away like I used to; I’m getting much more restful sleep which has restored my energy levels!

I also used to be on medications for mood support before coming here, but I haven’t had to take any since I started care and it’s just something I don’t even think about any more!
I’m a dental assistant so I do a lot of leaning over at work, getting weekly adjustments have really helped me overall be in less pain, I’m sleeping much better and have more energy, and I’m all around just happier!”

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