“Chiropractic made a world of difference for Owen!!!

He struggled greatly with digestive issues! Sometimes it would be 7-14 days between bowel movements, very painful for him to go & always with never ending tears!! We even took him to our family doctor and insisted on blood tests to help us figure out how to help him. Those tests all came back fine and showed he has no intolerances. He had struggled with it for a few months and I could kick myself for not getting him in to see the chiro sooner.

It was amazing to see the technology that Congruent Life Chiropractic uses and to be able to see the problem areas on the scan align with his symptoms/struggles. The first thing we noticed was he was able to go to the bathroom within 24 hours of getting an adjustment and he was able to go 2-3/week; SO much better than once every two weeks. He finished his treatment plan and it was a sigh of relief that he no longer cried when he went to the bathroom and his body was able to regulate!!

Owen has continued to get adjusted since mid 2019 and we have been blessed that he no longer has any digestive issues and has been healthy. I think he has maybe started to get sick one time since starting care and even then it didn’t even turn into a full blown cold!! So thankful to have a chiro office that specializes in pediatrics and families!”

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