“Before starting, the problems Ashton dealt with were dramatic and emotional behaviors, if you looked at her wrong she’d start crying and for Stella she had a very combative attitude, she would get in trouble and she’d throw herself into her room kicking doors and screaming. We knew we had to try something for them.

They had been struggling with those attitudes and behaviors for close to a year, if not longer. We didn’t know what to do. As a mom you want your kids to do well. We had tried everything. We were at our wits end. We had talked to friends that had come to CLC and they suggested coming here.

We hadn’t tried anything medical but I knew if we didn’t do something our kids would end up on medication and we didn’t want to go that route. When they got scanned and we saw how much stress was in some areas, it was eye opening. We didn’t know if we’d have them start but after seeing those scans we knew we had to. It was almost a night and day difference after those first couple adjustments, we saw such a big change in Stella.

Before we started, my husband and I would be at each other’s throats, we would disagree on how to parent them, we didn’t know what to do. We now look at it differently. We take a step back and think, “Maybe there’s something going on, maybe they hurt somewhere and they can’t tell us or maybe there’s stress somewhere in their body.” We notice when we’ve gone more than normal between their adjustments, they start to act up. They go to bed so much easier now, it used to be hours for bed time to calm themselves down. It’s not the fight it used to be. They still have their moments but they are totally different children now.

As they go through life, I hope they know now what they can feel like when they’re getting adjusted regularly versus not. They can adjust and adapt to life in a better way.

I hope as they get back into school, and as new stressors may come their way, we can identify those and bring them in here to help them and not ever go a medicated way. I don’t want to hide their problem, or mask their problems and 10 years down the road they end up breaking because we medicated instead of addressing the root cause.

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, we are of the mind that this is the way we want to deal with what’s coming at us: this seems like what we’re supposed to be doing, this holistic approach. I hope the girls are learning that too, we don’t need to go a medicated route in life.

I’m so glad we came.”

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