“Before starting care at CLC, I had general back issues and stressors, but the main reason I came was because I was having debilitating vertigo. My daughter has been coming for her pregnancy and told me I should give you guys a try.

I had been dealing with vertigo for over 2 years but over the last year it was more ‘on’ than ‘off’, almost on a daily occurence. I would get up and start my day and suddenly I would get hit with it out of nowhere, an aura would start and I knew I would have to change my plans for the entire day. It would completely interfere with my life; it was very debilitating. After struggling with it for so long with no relief, I thought “this is my life now.” I had to organize the last year of my life around my vertigo.

Before finding you guys, I went to an ENT. They put me on steroids, diuretics, they shot steroids in my ear, they told me to change my diet…I took a lot of meclizine which makes me tired the rest of the day and makes me really moody. Then I went to a PT and he would do exercises with me and it didn’t seem that effective. I also went to a different chiropractor but saw no change in my vertigo. After trying ALL of those things with no relief, I completely lost hope, I figured this was how I was going to feel the rest of my life. I tried to just be happy when I wasn’t dizzy, but that was getting really hard to do as those days were few and far between. I was sad and felt defeated, I was like “okay, this is it.” The hardest part of it all was that I never knew when I was going to be down and out for the day which made it incredibly difficult to make plans; it was so frustrating.

The first time I thought what you were doing here was working was about 4-5 months ago after my very first adjustment. One of the first times you worked on me, I actually got dizzy and I knew you guys had hit the spot. That was one of the last times I’ve been dizzy! After 2 adjustments, I haven’t had an episode since! I almost can’t believe it, after YEARS of vertigo, it’s gone! There’s been a little bit of an aura here and there, but it has never turned into a full blown vertigo episode since I began care. I no longer wake up everyday with that dread of “I’m gonna get dizzy today” and have to worry about how close I could be to my bed because that’s where I’d need to be. There’s been some awful situations where I had pushed myself too far and I overdid it in the past, the vertigo would come on so quickly. I’d always be worried about where I would be at, what I would be doing, and how it would affect my day. There were so many times I would be driving down the interstate and I would literally have to pull over on the side of the road for hours because the vertigo would come on so fast. We once had friends visiting from out of the country and I had to spend the entire week in bed because I couldn’t even stand without getting dizzy. I don’t have those worries any longer! My vertigo is no longer holding me back! CLC has completely changed my life!

I’m 62 years old and I feel really good! I exercise and eat really well; I don’t like to see doctors or use medications. I’m determined to stay on this path of holistic care, keeping my spine in check, and continue to stay active as I get older. I’m not living a life of hurting at my age. Keeping your spine in check affects a lot of other things in the body!

CLC has been so different than anything else I have tried in the past. You were amazing at explaining what was happening neurologically that related to the symptoms I was having. You were able to see exactly where my stress was in my nervous system on the scans, I hadn’t seen it pinpointed like that before, it gave me a lot of hope right away. You were really able to target my vertigo, along with so many other issues I was having too! I even started having more regular bowel movements, which is something I had struggled with for years!

When I saw my scans match up with how I was feeling, it all made so much sense. You kept talking about this area between the top of my spine where I didn’t have as much blood flow and that made sense, too. I honestly didn’t think chiropractic was the answer, but I do now. I have gotten my life back!

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