“I hobbled into CLC with crutches and a knee brace. My orthopedic surgeon said I need major surgery, but my radiographs and radiologist didn’t support it so I decided to look elsewhere. I was swollen, in pain, had to close my business and was frustrated with doctors arguing over my care and not listening to me! I felt like crap, absolutely no energy, tired all the time, blood-work showing high inflammation… but nothing being done! I felt like I wasn’t being heard! It was the same thing every time. It was like I was talking to a wall, expecting it to move!

Mady was my first contact at CLC! She listened to me cry, and I actually felt heard! That was the huge difference with CLC, they listened! My daughter suggested CLC & I couldn’t be happier! What Dr. Nikki has done, there just isn’t enough words to describe her and her care!

The first moment I realized my care was actually working was the first time I unhooked my bra without spinning it around to the front (something guys will never understand). It was simply heaven to me! As an older, heavyset woman, who has had frozen shoulder a couple times…this was huge! You never realize the little things like that until you can do them again!

I’m calmer, happier and much healthier! I’ve even lost a bit of weight without even really trying! No knee surgery, and swelling is almost completely gone now! I reopened my business and even my family has noticed a change in me! I’m a work in progress! I’m nearing the end of my first phase of care with CLC, and will be entering wellness care to continue my steps towards health! We have decided that wellness care will be a lifelong thing, and as long as CLC will have me, I will be there!

Chiropractic care isn’t just a “I tweaked my back” thing, it’s lifelong health care! It’s adjustments to your nervous system which controls EVERYTHING! It’s the extension cord that lights your life, that powers your “cell phone”! Unplug it, and guess what?! No power, no lights, no phone! It’s ESSENTIAL! I can’t recommend CLC enough! The staff and docs are truly the best of the best! Call them today!! You will not be sorry!! :)”

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