“I started coming to Congruent before I got pregnant with my oldest daughter. We were doing IVF and I wanted to make sure my body was in the best possible state before the transfer. After the transfer was a success, I knew I wanted to continue with chiropractic care to help with common pregnancy ailments and to ensure I was giving our child the best possible environment to grow and develop in.

I was adjusted all throughout my pregnancy which was so incredibly helpful. I carried the pregnancy so well, I wasn’t uncomfortable, I was able to exercise my entire pregnancy, and I didn’t experience the common pregnancy ailments many other mothers experience. My hips and pubic bone were comfortable all throughout my pregnancy and I didn’t have the common round ligament pain.

Chiropractic care helped prepare my body for an optimal labor and delivery and I’m so thankful! I went into labor on my own and was able to experience an easy delivery without complications. In addition, coming here frequently definitely helped my mind and body cope with all the postpartum changes as best as possible.

After learning about the complexities of the nervous system and how it governs growth + development and regulates all the systems of the body, getting our babies adjusted was a no brainer for us. Brinley was adjusted 2 days after she was born and has been adjusted every week since. She hardly ever gets sick, and if she does this is always our first stop. Adjustments help restore balance to the nervous system so her body can HEAL more quickly, and sure enough, she is usually better within a couple of days.

Landon was also adjusted within 2 days of his birth and my husband comes as well. Getting our whole family adjusted is so important to us to keep everyone in check. We call it the “poop button” and the “nap button” every week; everyone in the family sleeps so well after getting adjusted. Oftentimes it’s also our “attitude adjustment”, we all leave the chiro feeling happier!”

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