“Before starting care here I had lower back pain, issues with my knees, tightness in my shoulders, being more sore after workouts and work, and feeling more tired than what I’d like.

I had tried other chiropractors before coming here, they’d do the same adjustments each time, I only felt good for a couple days after then the soreness was right back. Stretching helped some but I was too tight to do it comfortably.

What was different here was all the scans you did and explaining the body more – like the fight or flight and what stress does to the body. Before, it was explained to me that I was just tight and it needs adjusted. It didn’t all come together before, the scans really bring it all together. I started to see this working at my second scan when I started to see everything shifting and adjusting better, my sleep was better, workouts were better, work was better. I’m more comfortable with the way I move around, I’m not worried about getting tight like I used to. I have more energy now!

Life isn’t filled with lower back pain anymore, it’s extremely better now. There’s times I go so long without even thinking about it. I can actually run now comfortably and enjoy it. I’m much more conscious about the things I’m eating now from the things you guys talk about and show. It all comes together and it’s related.

With my new son, Ridge, here, when I hold him my body feels it but I think it would have been much worse if I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now with care here. I think it would be 10x worse. We’re extremely grateful we met you guys. Everything has come full circle when you figure out what’s going on and you get help.”

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