- Lisa G.

“Before starting care at CLC I was suffering with back/leg pain, headaches, depression, anxiety, poor sleep and STRESS. I was either sleeping all the time, or not sleeping at all. I was taking 4-5 medications daily for my depression, anxiety and ADD. I had even been hospitalized twice for depression. I felt like a total mess! I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I had a hard time enjoying my grandkids. I couldn’t get on the floor to play, and I couldn’t go to the park with them or go for walks. I was not enjoying my life.

The moment I realized that my care at Congruent Life was making a difference was in my first week of care when I went in with a headache (didn’t tell Dr. Mike) and when I left it was gone! Since starting care at CLC I can now enjoy playing with my grandkids and taking walks! I’m in so much less pain and it’s even motivated me to watch what I eat! I actually get out of bed before my alarm goes off, rather then sleeping all the time like before. For the first time in my LIFE I’m not on any medications! I finally enjoyed the holiday season for the first time in 10 years! I’m enjoying life and my grandkids!”

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- Courtney

“I first came to CLC because I was struggling with anxiety, depression, severe menstrual cramps, lack of energy/motivation and panic attacks. I would either have to bathe myself in peace & calming or valor essential oils or suffer side effects of medication.

The doctors at Congruent Life were different because they wanted to get to the root causes & help my brain send the appropriate signals! I realized Chiropractic care was working when my suicidal ideation + irritability diminished and I had increased energy + joy!

Since being under care at CLC I am more motivated to workout, I love being a mama even more and I am getting my passion & zeal for life back! The cramping I used to experience during my periods has improved drastically. Postpartum depression and anxiety sucked that away from me -but with functional medicine, aromatherapy & Congruent Life Chiropractic I am learning to thrive again! Thank you!”

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- Beckett

We brought Beckett to CLC seeking to help her be able to regulate her emotions and behaviors better.

She was all over the place in terms of her ability to focus, sit still, or interact with others. We were starting to notice some challenges with school and hyperactivity issues. These challenges started around the age of 2; she would have a hard time calming herself. She was full of high emotions and high energy. She didn’t have a lot of “down time” from an early age. She’s 7 now and we were noticing consistently there just wasn’t a lot of calm here.

CLC takes a whole body approach. You don’t treat people like there is something wrong with them. We didn’t need to “fix” Beckett, we just wanted to help her be able to regulate her nervous system better. It was different than a quick fix approach that we would get if we took her to a medical doctor and would likely just be given a diagnosis and medications. We weren’t interested in diagnosing her with a “disorder”, medicating her, changing her… we just wanted to help her mind feel at ease. I knew through my own research there were other holistic options out there.

At CLC, you aren’t symptom focused. Your goal is to help people’s nervous systems function as optimally as possible, and when you do that things can change and healing starts to happen.

After the initial few months of care, we started to see the benefits Beckett was receiving from adjustments. She was able to regulate her emotions better. We saw a lot more CALM starting to be present. She’s able to have periods of rest when her body is telling her to relax now. She doesn’t have the need anymore to make noises and do other sensory seeking behaviors during times of quiet. Simple things like telling her to go brush her teeth, are no longer resulting in meltdowns. She’s able to wake up in the morning and focus on a routine, rather than being super hectic and crazy. She’s overall in a good mood and is experiencing a decreased number of emotional outbursts. Beckett has a lot less anxious tendencies now. She no longer bites around her nails, picks at her fingers, or does her mouth “tic”. I feel so much relief for her.

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- Amanda

Before beginning care at CLC, I was struggling with anxiety, vision issues, and extreme hot flashes and night sweats that significantly interfered with my ability to sleep. My whole family was already coming here when I decided to start. I was seeing so many improvements in my twins and husband once they began care at CLC, I finally decided it was my turn.

The vision issues I was dealing with made me feel like I had been drinking all the time— which I hadn’t. Turning my head too quickly would make me dizzy. We had done all kinds of medical testing- MRIs & CTs- and found nothing. I was dealing with this for 6 months before beginning care. It made me feel “off” all the time.

I didn’t know where to turn. I couldn’t see straight, glasses weren’t working, the eye doctor and medical doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, but I knew SOMETHING was going on. It was super frustrating not knowing what was wrong with me. I had also been on antidepressants before to help manage my anxiety and depression and didn’t want to have to go down that road again because of the side effects, they were affecting the relationship I had with my husband. I just didn’t want to go through my life medicated anymore. (We were at the point with our kids that medication was going to be our next step to help control their anxiety and behaviors, and when we were able to get to the root of their stress at CLC and ultimately did NOT have to resort to meds, I knew I wanted the same for myself).

You approach health and healing so differently at CLC. You look at what is going on internally to find the root cause of stress and dysfunction in the brain and body, rather than a “band-aid” approach I have experienced in the past. The neurological scans you do at CLC on the 1st visit to assess internal stress were very validating. You finally were able to pinpoint areas of stress that could be contributing to all the symptoms I had been struggling with for so long with no answers.

It didn’t take long to start feeling the benefits of chiro care. The vision and dizziness issues I was dealing with before have all improved since beginning care. I don’t have the brain fog like I used to. My hot flashes at night have improved significantly, which is allowing me to sleep so much better at night. I go to sleep faster and stay asleep; I don’t wake up in the middle of the night having to change my clothes because of night sweats anymore.

My temperament has also improved, I don’t snap like I used to. I’m managing my anxiety a lot better now, I don’t feel like it weighs on my shoulders like it used to. I’m able to process things that stress me out better, I can step away and take a breather and calm down rather than just flying off the handle. I’m not always on edge anymore, life is just easier now!

Coming to CLC has changed my perspective on life and health. I’m able to recognize stressors so much easier now and have been able to implement more effective coping mechanisms to manage my stress better.

When my kids are sick or showing signs of stress, my 1st inclination is to bring them in to get adjusted to allow their nervous system to ADAPT to this new stress more efficiently, and most of the time we are able to avoid trips to the pediatrician and medications because of it! Our whole family is processing and handling life stress so much better now that CLC is a part of our wellness journey.

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- Danielle

In January, I was to a point where I wasn’t able to move. I was having to work from my bed and was in tears from how bad the pain was. I knew there was something wrong. I have a high tolerance for pain so I just let things continue to get worse and worse over the course of the last year until I couldn’t function anymore.

It was so frustrating to feel like I couldn’t be myself, do the things I wanted to do, even just move around because of the pain. I was honestly scared because I knew something had to be seriously wrong. I don’t really like to take pain meds, but at my worst I was having to rely on them just to get through the day.

When I had my first appointment at CLC and we went over the neurological scans, there was A LOT of stress. The scans don’t lie. They really helped to identify and target where all the pain I was having was stemming from. I was able to understand how my body was responding to traumatic things I’ve been through over the last 20 years. It put everything into a nutshell for me and I was able to have this light bulb moment. Things that I didn’t really think were impacting me were actually having a way bigger impact on how my brain and nervous system were functioning than I realized.

I had been in a perpetual fight or flight state over the last few years. After my first adjustment, I just felt this huge release of stress being lifted off my nervous system. I feel like I have a TON of energy now compared to when I first started. The “aches and pains” I was contributing to just getting older are no longer present for me. Chiropractic has helped regulate my moods and has allowed me to handle situations that would normally make me very upset or emotional a lot better. I have a much bigger capacity to really address stressful things in my life, and I’ve made some huge life changes to get me into a much better place. It’s also helped with my sleep.

I recently fell down some stairs after I started care, and I was really nervous that was going to take me a long time to recover from, but after about 2 adjustments I felt completely back to normal! In the past, something like that would’ve been a lot longer recovery for me.

Before care I was in a cycle of pain, and then it was hard to move, and then it would just snowball. It was so hard to break the cycle. Chiropractic was the missing piece. I haven’t had any situations where I’ve been bed ridden from pain since beginning care, and I’ve lost almost 20 lbs! The doctors at CLC have helped educate me that if there is pain happening, there is something going on underneath the surface that needs to be addressed to actually heal.

I continue to get adjusted on a weekly basis to help maintain all the positive changes I’ve seen in my life. Life is stressful! I have to travel often for work and meet a lot of deadlines, I want to do what I can to stay on top of it so I don’t end up back in a place like I was before starting. Every one is so kind, knows me by name, and are genuinely interested in how I am doing. The environment is so great at CLC!

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- CJ

We started CJ to help with his anxiety and sleep. We had been bringing his sister for a long time and saw such amazing progress with her speech apraxia, we knew we wanted to get CJ checked and give him the same opportunity to feel his best.

CJ had been struggling with both anxiety and sleep for at least a year. He had a lot more anxiety around school and he wasn’t waking up well rested like he should, even with the melatonin we were giving him. It was hard as a parent to see him struggling.

We definitely didn’t want to start medications at that young of an age, we wanted to go the more holistic root and try to find the root cause of the anxiety and sleep challenges. It was reassuring to see the neurological scans you did at CLC because we were able to really pinpoint the areas of stress on his system that could be contributing to his brain being more in a “fight or flight” mode.

Within the first 2-3 weeks of adjustments, I noticed his anxiety was already starting to improve! He didn’t come home from school as anxious as he had been before. He wasn’t breaking down as easily with little things either. We also noticed improvements with his sleep early on and he was able to stop taking melatonin in the evenings.

We’ve been bringing CJ now for over a year and he is doing fantastic! He no longer struggles with anxiety like he was before. When there is something that starts to lead to those anxious feelings, he is able to process it so much better now and doesn’t just get upset right away. He sleeps so well now. CJ loves coming each week for his adjustments!

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- Kelli S

I’ve had PCOS and infertility since I went off of birth control in 2020 to try and get pregnant. We struggled to get pregnant for 2.5 years and had to do fertility treatments to get pregnant with our daughter.

I started looking for a different way to help with my PCOS and fertility challenges because I wasn’t happy with the options I was given before, which were essentially birth control to induce a cycle and then future fertility treatments if I ever wanted to get pregnant again. I also had recently been prescribed metformin to address the insulin resistance component of PCOS. I was hoping to find a more natural way to restore my cycles and ovulation, and that is exactly what I have found at CLC.

It’s hard to be told there is nothing you can do, and the only thing the medical system could offer me was putting me on medications for the rest of my life. The unknown of whether we would ever be able to have a child was so scary. Walking through infertility was so frustrating and emotionally taxing for us…the anxiety… the unknown.

When I came to CLC, I felt very heard. It wasn’t just a generalized explanation of PCOS and the standard “treatment” like I got from my OB, everything was very personalized to me and focused on where the scans where showing stress in my nervous system. My concerns were heard. I wanted to be more proactive. I didn’t want to rely on birth control, metformin, clomid, & letrozole. I knew those were all acting as band-aids for a deeper rooted problem.

My initial report of findings with Dr. Nikki was a very emotional experience. I knew all these things I was feeling and was struggling with; then the neurological scans showed the areas that control my ovaries and hormone regulation were super stressed within my nervous system; my adrenal glands were showing signs of exhaustion. For the first time, I felt like I wasn’t crazy. I felt validated. I knew there was something that was at the root of my hormonal issues and we were finally able to pinpoint it from a holistic and root-cause lens.

My body wasn’t doing what it should be doing because of all the stress bound up in my neurological system. The scans were showing a perpetual fight or flight response occurring in my nervous system, that was leading to exhaustion in my adrenals, and altering how my ovaries were functioning.

It was very different than all my other experiences up until this point where I was being told by my doctors, “You’re 29 yrs old but you’re just going to have to live with this forever.” Even in terms of preventing pregnancy, the only option I’ve ever been given is birth control, and through my time here I have learned there are natural ways to do this. I’ve learned so much about how my body functions, signs of ovulation and fertility… things I’ve never been taught before but absolutely SHOULD know as a woman.

The end of the school year is usually one of the most stressful times of the year, and after about a month of care I started noticing I was able to just let the stress slide off me, then I got my first set of scans back and learned my adaptability had increased so much. I started noticing I had a general sense of being more calm and being able to handle stress better.

I have now been at Congruent Life for 3 months and the changes and healing I have experienced have been incredible. I’ve had TWO unmedicated menstrual cycles; I hadn’t had an unmedicated menstrual cycle since I was 17 years old (12 YEARS AGO)!! I have also noticed signs of ovulation, which I had always had to take a medication to induce in the past.

I have experienced less illnesses and allergies and I also haven’t had any sinus infections this year (I usually I get 2-3 of those per year).I feel happier now, not many things can upset me too much. If something does upset me, it is short lived. I also feel more focused on tasks that I need to get done in a day. I have more energy throughout the day without a mid-afternoon slump; I don’t feel the need to take a nap as often as I used too.

I’ve also found a natural supplement through the guidance of Dr. Nikki to help with my insulin resistance and haven’t had to take metformin since beginning care! I’ve learned so much about how to nourish my body well to support optimal hormone regulation since being here. All the knowledge I’ve gained here has been so eye opening and empowering. My body CAN heal and IS healing! I feel like I have more confidence in advocating for myself at my appointments with my other doctors as well. I’ve gained so much information here on how to build a more natural and nourishing lifestyle for myself, but also my daughter. I’m more equipped to teach my daughter about how her body is supposed to function, about her menstrual cycle, and how to be proactive in health.

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- Kaylie

“I started chiropractic care in June 2016 because I had chronic migraines and hoped it would help lessen them. My migraines started at age 15 and worsened as I got older, with no real reason that a doctor could give me. At its peak, I was seeing a doctor at least 1x/month to get a shot of tylenol/benadryl to help a migraine go away, because it wouldn’t on its own. This was in addition to taking a daily preventative medication and another prescription for when I got a “breakthrough” migraine. I spent a lot of time in bed, in silence, with the lights off. It affected my life by making me miss school/classes, many activities with friends, and work shifts. When I did get out of bed, I was miserable and very irritable. After a few months of chiropractic care, I stopped getting migraines, and now it’s rare that I even get a headache. I never imagined it would improve this much!

Originally I just sought care for migraines, but I then realized there was SO MUCH MORE that CLC could and did help me with. Shortly before I started care, I had also seen a general practitioner for my anxiety, OCD, and nervous ticks. The doctor asked me what I knew about anti-depressants and suggested that it was the best option for me. I proceeded to take anti-depressants for a few months, which made me irritable, dull, everything was hazy, and I seemed to be indifferent or unhappy about everything. I was not in a good place. After 1 month of care, I slowly took myself off the medication and noticed significant improvement.

I also took a daily medication for UTI’s, which I got at least 1x/month. I didn’t think anything of this, since I had been getting them since I was a baby. The doctor simply blamed it on genetics. As the first month of care went by, I realized that I hadn’t gotten a UTI. I haven’t had one since, and I definitely don’t take a prescription for it anymore! I’m excited to say that I’m now off ALL medications.

It’s hard to even remember what my life was like before chiropractic care! Telling my story has made me realize that I can’t even imagine going back to how I was. I asked my fiance how he thinks chiropractic has helped me. He explained that I’m much more outgoing, energetic, and active. He described a time when I was constantly stressed out, had no hope of getting better, and was always pessimistic. I was unable to live life how we wanted to. Now, our relationship has improved because I am able to be the best version of myself!

I can’t thank Dr. Mike and Congruent Life enough! They provide hope and promote overall wellbeing for all of their patients. Dr. Mike not only encourages you to receive regular adjustments, but he encourages you to educate yourself. There’s so many things that chiropractic has done for me that I didn’t even know were possible. Through being a patient at Congruent Life, my ENTIRE life has been CHANGED for the better!”

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- Abby K

I started coming to CLC during my pregnancy because I was having a lot of lower back pain. I wanted to find a chiro that focused on prenatal care to help prepare my body for a natural labor and delivery.

I had been having unmanageable low back pain for a few weeks. It was really frustrating dealing with this pain because I could not get into or out of the car without having back spasms, and when it was at its height it was really debilitating and basically affected everything that I did.

Something that I really appreciated at first, was how different CLC was compared to my prior chiropractic experiences. I don’t think I ever had really known why certain things were being done when I had received chiro care in the past. I think as someone who is in the medical field, I really appreciated how thorough all the tests were that you did and the explanations that went along with them. It allowed me to understand WHY my body is behaving the way it is, and how we are going to not just treat the symptoms but find the underlying root cause. At other chiros I’ve been to in the past, I had zero understanding of how the spine and health of the nervous system was impacting how everything was functioning in my body.

I started noticing changes right away. After the first few adjustments my body was already physically starting to feel so much better in terms of the low back pain I had been experiencing. It was no longer interfering with my life, and I could do what I wanted to do and not worry about going into a debilitating back spasm. I physically am not walking around in pain anymore, but something I wasn’t expecting was how much calmer I was going to feel once I began care. When I started here I always felt like I was stuck in fight/flight mode. I felt like I was always tense, hurried, and anxious. Now that it’s been a few months since I’ve started getting adjusted, I’m starting to experience a lot of emotional changes. Once we started working through a lot of the physical stress my body was experiencing during pregnancy, we were able to start to uncover a lot of areas of stress where my body was holding onto emotional stress. Now that we’ve worked through that, I’m able to respond to stress much more efficiently now. I feel an overall sense of calm compared to before.

Coming to CLC has also helped me gain an understanding of holistic health and wanting to get to the root cause of stress, rather than just fixing symptoms. I feel like I’ve been able to learn how to live more in line with how we were designed.

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