- Jake

My twins and wife started at Congruent, and when I saw incredible changes in them, I knew it was something I wanted for myself too. I was dealing with anxiety and panic attacks that would happen at least once a week. I couldn’t hardly go to work on the days that I was having panic attacks. I would be so down into them I wouldn’t want to do anything but sleep. I also was experiencing pretty severe tingling into my arms that would keep me up at night; I had a terrible time sleeping. Additionally, I used to do a lot of concrete work and would get really bad pain right above my tailbone every morning.

Since beginning care at CLC, I am able to handle stress so much better now. I don’t fly off the wall like I used to. I don’t get very angry anymore, I used to be able to snap so quickly. My anxiety and panic attacks I used to have are slim to none now. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had one. I truly believe a lot of that has to do from getting my adjustments. Now that I’m not easily tempered, I feel like I am a better husband and dad.

Additionally, I don’t have any tingling in my arms anymore, so that is no longer disrupting my sleep. The pain in my tail bone is gone. If I don’t have my weekly adjustment, my body definitely feels it. My whole body feels so much better after getting adjusted both physically and emotionally. Receiving chiropractic care here has changed my entire family’s life.

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- Leah

“We were drawn to Dr.Mike’s office in the hopes that he could help our oldest son with some anxiety and sleep issues. While he didn’t have what I would call “severe” anxiety, it did interfere with his ability to relax. He was chewing his nails down, I hadn’t trimmed his nails in almost a year. He was having some behavioral outbursts if things went off schedule even a little bit. We also were having trouble with him sleeping independently. He once had, but one illness threw all of that out the window and he was at a point in his development that he just needed to sleep with us.

After seeing Dr. Mike for a couple of months, his anxiety has drastically reduced. I have trimmed his nails twice! And even more amazing to me, is that he can just relax, if something goes differently than he expects, he handles it so well. He also has been able to sleep independently (on our floor) which I attribute to the ability to relax. I learned a lot about how subluxation can cause the body to stay stuck in fight or flight, and he was. Now he is not – and while he’s always been a very happy boy, he just seems so much more at ease. Since our oldest was going, we also decided to have our youngest seen (what could it hurt?!). We have noticed that he has been sleeping better too – if he wakes up in the night he is much easier to put down. He also has been sick one time since starting with Dr. Mike, and I truly think that it was much less severe than other colds he has had in the past – shorter, symptoms not as intense. Also, if he ever got a runny nose before he would automatically get an ear infection. That cold he had a runny nose but he did not get an ear infection! Both boys are definitely benefitting. Our issues were not intense to some standards, but it was affecting our daily lives. Improving their overall health has been my main goal and I honestly believe that with Dr. Mike’s help the boys are on the right track.

Since I was taking the boys to Dr. Mike, after a couple of weeks I decided to be seen for some ongoing back pain that I had experienced since being pregnant with my youngest. I also hoped that I could improve my health and lessen my anxiety. What surprised me the most is the improvement in other areas that I didn’t even really realize were a problem, because I just had dealt with them for so long! I have always had sinus issues and after a couple of adjustments I was breathing clearer than I have since I can remember. After a couple of months I have noticed my anxiety has lessened, but more importantly I feel like I have more patience. I don’t “pop my top” as quickly as I was. I was also stuck in fight or flight, and now I’m starting to feel the difference of coming out of that. My back pain has reduced dramatically. If I would do a hard workout before, I would have to take a few days off of exercising to let the back pain subside. I can do whatever workouts I want now without having that back pain immediately follow. And my favorite part is that my sleeping has improved. I didn’t realize how poorly I was sleeping – after all I have two young children! But I fall asleep so much easier now, fall into a deeper sleep, and if I wake up in the night I can fall right back to sleep instead of being up for an hour thinking of all the stuff I have to do. It is a blessing. Thanks Dr. Mike!

I wanted to share our story because I truly think that Dr. Mike can help such a wide range of people. Whatever end of the spectrum you are on, I would highly suggest giving Dr. Mike the opportunity to help you. We are a happier, healthier, more relaxed family thanks to Dr. Mike. We love going to the office, Dr. Mike is kind and empathetic, but the environment as a whole there is so family friendly! Mady, Victoria and Jen are so caring, it never feels like going to another appointment when we go. We love it. THANKS CONGRUENT LIFE!”

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- Jenny

“One day I had woke up with the worst back pain!! It was so painful to move/walk.

Obviously I called Congruent Life Chiropractic since I was already taking two of my kids there! They were amazing right from the start!

After seeing my scans and seeing all of the areas where I had so much stress it was so eye opening! Sometimes we just live with the pain and ignore what our body is trying to tell us. The scan showed what I hadn’t spoke with my mouth. Areas that I had been struggling with because of my postpartum hormones. I definitely felt like I was struggling with mild PPD for probably the first 6 months of Eric’s life. My hormones made me feel all over the place, super irritable and not enjoying my kids/life at all.

It was the worst feeling and I know I was miserable to live with as a wife and a mother! I couldn’t believe the difference I felt within a couple months of being regularly adjusted. It wasn’t an overnight change but I’m here to tell you there did come a day that I wasn’t feeling those PPD feelings any longer and able to handle stress much easier.

Focusing on what I was putting into my body, trying to become healthier and of course getting regular adjustments (so my nervous system can function properly) has been such a great change in my life!!

I’m a huge advocate for Chiropractic and believe that it can help in SO many areas!! I hope that if you or your kiddo is struggling in any way that you’ll give CLC a shot!!”

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- Lisa G.

“Before starting care at CLC I was suffering with back/leg pain, headaches, depression, anxiety, poor sleep and STRESS. I was either sleeping all the time, or not sleeping at all. I was taking 4-5 medications daily for my depression, anxiety and ADD. I had even been hospitalized twice for depression. I felt like a total mess! I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I had a hard time enjoying my grandkids. I couldn’t get on the floor to play, and I couldn’t go to the park with them or go for walks. I was not enjoying my life.

The moment I realized that my care at Congruent Life was making a difference was in my first week of care when I went in with a headache (didn’t tell Dr. Mike) and when I left it was gone! Since starting care at CLC I can now enjoy playing with my grandkids and taking walks! I’m in so much less pain and it’s even motivated me to watch what I eat! I actually get out of bed before my alarm goes off, rather then sleeping all the time like before. For the first time in my LIFE I’m not on any medications! I finally enjoyed the holiday season for the first time in 10 years! I’m enjoying life and my grandkids!”

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- Preslee

“Preslee had many many ear infections. She had burst ear drums, tubes in her ears… and her body just wasn’t fighting infection well. She was also complaining of back pain, which was really concerning. I just didn’t want my 2 year old to be in pain anymore. I felt like I was failing, and it was so frustrating. What was I missing?

When thinking of who to call, you guys were the clear choice. I had been seeing you guys on social media, and the fact that you were so focused on helping children made me wonder if you might be the missing link for Press. So I finally just bit the bullet, and called to start care for both of us.

Since being under care she hasn’t had any more back pain, and she is much more calm over all. Transitions are better, and it’s easier to calm her down. She’s better able to cope with her emotions, which means we can go do more without worrying about big meltdowns. She hasn’t had ANY ear infections and she’s only had ONE cold this winter that her body easily fought; she’s just not sick anymore like she was before!!”

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- Jon

I had been getting chiropractic care in the Des Moines area when I got a job in Iowa City, and they pointed me to CLC. I had been working for 28 years in public safety which was contributing to my back issues. I was having back spasms that could put me in bed for a week or more.

It was frustrating because I would be making strides and then would fall backwards again. The inconsistency of this was hard, which made it more stressful. After receiving care at CLC, my back feels better and I am not worried it will “give out” again, like it did several years ago. I feel better lifting my handicap daughter from and into her wheelchair. I also travel a lot for work. Before, those trips in the car would cause the back spasms and subsequent issues, but now when I travel I’m just a little stiff. It doesn’t cause the back pain like it used to.

Overall, I am satisfied that the staff at CLC cares, welcomes you, and the doctors have your best interest at heart.

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- Zach

“Before starting care here I had lower back pain, issues with my knees, tightness in my shoulders, being more sore after workouts and work, and feeling more tired than what I’d like.

I had tried other chiropractors before coming here, they’d do the same adjustments each time, I only felt good for a couple days after then the soreness was right back. Stretching helped some but I was too tight to do it comfortably.

What was different here was all the scans you did and explaining the body more – like the fight or flight and what stress does to the body. Before, it was explained to me that I was just tight and it needs adjusted. It didn’t all come together before, the scans really bring it all together. I started to see this working at my second scan when I started to see everything shifting and adjusting better, my sleep was better, workouts were better, work was better. I’m more comfortable with the way I move around, I’m not worried about getting tight like I used to. I have more energy now!

Life isn’t filled with lower back pain anymore, it’s extremely better now. There’s times I go so long without even thinking about it. I can actually run now comfortably and enjoy it. I’m much more conscious about the things I’m eating now from the things you guys talk about and show. It all comes together and it’s related.

With my new son, Ridge, here, when I hold him my body feels it but I think it would have been much worse if I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now with care here. I think it would be 10x worse. We’re extremely grateful we met you guys. Everything has come full circle when you figure out what’s going on and you get help.”

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- Allison

“Before starting care here at CLC, I was dealing with lots of low back pain, irritability, anxiety and fatigue. My stress levels were extremely high and there wasn’t a reason for it other than my body was trying to tell me I wasn’t in a good place.

Over the last few years, I transitioned to being a stay at home mom; I noticed my irritability and anxiety were gradually climbing. I tried to manage my stress for a while with things like yoga and self-care at home, but I didn’t even have the energy or endurance to do those things, it was just easier to stay in bed and not get up and work out. I was fatigued and exhausted all the time, which would then amplify my stress and anxiety. I was verbally exploding a lot and I hated the place I was in.

I knew how to make myself feel good in terms of healthy eating and exercising, but I was stuck in a pit. My body was craving sugar all the time to try and give me a quick pick me up and boost in energy, which would of course give me a small boost of energy followed by a crash. My neurology was too stressed to allow me to execute on these healthy habits I knew I needed to follow through with.

Before coming here, I actually saw a different chiro for a while. I went every month, but it was more of just a “back cracker” and a quick “band-aid” fix, I wasn’t seeing a change, it wasn’t relieving anything so I ended up stopping.

I came to CLC and you guys did neurological scans on the first visit which helped you pinpoint and identify where all my stress was stemming from. Even though I had been going to another chiro for a while, my scans were still super stressed! I was relieved to see there was a reason behind why I was feeling the way I was. Once I started at CLC, I began with getting adjusted several times a week to help CALM my nervous system down and get me out of FIGHT/FLIGHT mode.

After I would get adjustments, I would experience these surges of energy and rush of endorphins, I was able to go home and actually be productive with my day rather than just sitting around. I love how you guys are constantly educating and reassuring your patients every step of the way. It was so cool to see the progress scans, my improvements, and all the HEALING taking place in my nervous system.

After about 1-2 months of consistent care, I really started feeling the momentum of healing picking up. Now, I am sleeping SO MUCH better! I feel refreshed in the morning instead of groggy. When I feel rested, I feel like I can take care of my family. I’m pouring from a full cup and have so much more to give! Before I was so drained and trying to pour from an empty cup, which was draining me even more.

I also have the energy to exercise and I’m not relying on coffee to get me through my day. I’ve noticed my body is now craving water and healthy foods, rather than sugar and junk, because it’s helping me heal! I’m able to better take care of my family! My low back pain has also improved drastically, which I had been dealing with for 12+ years! I used to constantly be in pain, which would make it hard for me to get on the floor and play with my kids. I’m so happy I’m able to do these things with EASE now and feel good while doing it!”

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- Josh

“Before starting care at CLC, I was having lower back immobility, tight muscles, insomnia, anxiety and chronic allergies. Something else that was pretty prominent was I used to get colds basically every month.

I thought, “This was 30”, this is how I was supposed to feel. I had kind of accepted it. You don’t really realize things are a problem until you fix them. You see how life can be without having those issues, then you don’t want to go back.

I used to take melatonin to help me sleep and I used to take a plethora of allergy medication – zyrtec, benadryl, claritin – all the over the counter stuff. I’ve had allergies since I was 12 and had prescription strength allergy meds because they were so bad. I haven’t even had allergies this year or had to take any medication this spring. Since I’ve started I haven’t had one cold that I can remember.

At the end of the first month, before my second scans, I could already tell I was falling asleep faster, could relax and let go faster. I was able to get back in the gym more, I was recovering a lot faster and wasn’t sore for 3 days. Relatively quickly I noticed what you were doing here was helping.

This is my first chiropractic experience. I was under the impression that chiropractic was more for rehab and physical therapy – more for injuries. I never associated it with preventative care or maintenance.”

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