- Jess H

“The first time I decided to try CLC was when I was around 28 weeks pregnant with my first child. I was having severe pelvic floor pain as my body was stretching and adjusting to prepare for labor (I couldn’t even go on a brisk walk!). The pain was completely gone by the end of my pregnancy and I had an enjoyable, successful vaginal birth. Once I was pregnant a second time, I knew I wanted to continue care at CLC. I started a little earlier this time (around 20 weeks) to be more proactive and I can say with confidence I had MINIMAL aches and pains my entire pregnancy (besides the normal growing that comes with it).

What drew me to CLC was the community and atmosphere. I had only been to one chiropractor in the area, but the moment I walked into CLC’s doors it felt beyond welcoming and warm. Every single employee has treated me with love and always has my best interest in mind. I knew chiropractic care was beneficial for me when I got my first adjustment! After I leave an appointment I tell people I feel like I can go run a marathon (yes, I even said that at 39 weeks pregnant!). But when I really take the time to reflect and ask myself WHY I go to CLC, especially during pregnancy, it’s because I was able to go into both of my labor & delivery experiences feeling physically and mentally confident. My body felt GOOD and I knew it was helping set myself and my children up for success.

Now that I have received chiropractic care for both of my pregnancies and have experienced the way it has made me feel both physically and mentally, I am so grateful for my CLC family. Whether it’s for my next pregnancy or a completely different reason, Congruent Life Chiropractic will be in my future.”

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- Jess A

“We started care at Congruent Life because I was experiencing chronic neck pain and my son was experiencing chronic ear infections and sickness. He had had 5 ear infections and over 30 sick visits to his primary doctor in less than 2 years! I had tried other chiropractors and hadn’t felt any progress in my pain. We had also tried chiropractic care and western medicine for my son with little relief for him.

What Congruent Life had to offer was so different. When we got scanned, we were able to see WHY we were struggling. Dr. Mike prepared a care plan to show us exactly what it would take to get to the root of our issues. We had never been that consistent with our chiropractic care before, and that made all the difference for us. Dr. Mike is also very focused on helping with the whole body/life wellness.

In February of 2017 we welcomed our 2nd child who has been adjusted by Dr. Mike since birth. On his 1st birthday I was reflecting on his first year and how we had visited his primary doctor ZERO times for sick visits. I then went back and counted my older son’s sick visits and was astonished to see he had 30 sick visits and a 4 day hospital stay in the two years before we started care at Congruent Life.

Now, almost 3 years later I am feeling so much better and I am now much more active doing CrossFit 4x a week without pain! My kids have not been to see their primary doctor outside of their yearly well visits and we have put $0 towards our deductible! Our family is so much healthier now! Wellness and preventative care has changed our lives!”

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- Mae’s mom

“Mae is such a sweet person and such a gift to our family. However, due to trauma that she endured before she joined our family through adoption- she has battled emotional dysregulation and physical behaviors for 4 years.

It felt so hopeless trying to give Mae the help she needed. The smallest thing would set her off and sometimes the behaviors would last for hours. It became exhausting and frightening to the point where we removed her from school and pursued care at Congruent.

Congruent is amazing, and different than what we were used to, because of their deep understanding of how trauma affects the nervous system. We didn’t have to explain attachment and trauma or dysregulation. And when you’re in the middle of the mess- that kind of validation and understanding is the greatest gift.

I think the moment that we realized chiropractic care was helping our daughter was when we could see how the Christian counseling we had been pursuing was finally taking root. It was like we had been doing emotional work and we needed that last puzzle piece of caring for her physical body to watch it synergistically bring relief.

When we began care at Congruent, and started homeschooling Mae, she was having severe behaviors and was unable to regulate herself without help from us, every other day. Now, she goes weeks without behaviors and can self regulate more often. It is truly amazing and we thank God for the love and care Dr. Nikki, Dr. Mike and the staff have shown our family.”

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- Erika (mom)

“I started at Congruent Life because my son had severe digestive problems. We have tried over the counter meds, and they didn’t help. He also had some anxiety tics that were intermittent since he was little.

After the first month of care at CLC we all noticed a big change in him! He now has more regular bowel movements, and is way less gassy. He is also SLEEPING better! In general, he’s a happier and healthier kid!

Dr. Mike takes the time to listen to my concerns, as well as explaining things to me so I know why these things were happening in the first place. All the staff is very friendly and kind. We appreciate all the help and love from them!”

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- Bella

“I love taking Bella to CLC. Since we started her chiropractic care, Bella has changed so many things for good. Bella is now open to try new foods, her immune system has gotten stronger, plus she seems to be more relaxed about different situations that would have altered her previously. Because of her Cerebral Palsy she would get very scared with loud noises like the flushing of the toilet and the hand dryers. Now she doesn’t make a big deal about them! Our latest improvement is the weaning of her reflux medicine, which we have tried for so long.

I could go on and on. This is a great place, love everything there.”

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