- Jacob

“Before starting care at CLC, I had been dealing with low back pain for TEN YEARS and my energy levels were very low all the time. I was relying on ibuprofen and coffee just to get through the day, which I know now was only just suppressing the symptoms of a bigger health issue.

Dealing with super low energy and fatigue, along with the back pain, was frustrating, especially since I am still so young! It was discouraging and easily made me impatient with our daughter.

I had been going to a chiropractor for a long time prior to coming here. Their approach was a lot different however; I would just go here and there, maybe once every month or so. When my wife and daughter started coming to CLC, I quickly realized your approach was much different; I began to think maybe only going once/month wasn’t enough to get to the underlying root of the issues I was continuing to have after years of care. My symptoms just were not getting any better.

After my family had been coming here for several months and we started noticing huge improvements both in my wife and daughter’s overall health and wellness, I decided I needed to start here as well.

At my first appointment, you showed me the neurological scans and I was fascinated. They were able to pinpoint the underlying stress in my body that I couldn’t necessarily see or feel going on from the outside. I am somebody who likes to analyze things and look at the underlying causes to figure out how we can address the root of the issue and move forward, and that’s exactly what you provide at CLC.

I had been going to a chiro for years, but my neurological scans still came back extremely stressed. It made me realize that if we don’t approach the system at the right frequency and in the right manner, so much stress is left unaddressed.

Once I started at CLC, after about 2 weeks of getting adjusted at 3x/week my back was no longer hurting anymore and overall I felt much more calm. Seeing already, at such an early stage in the healing process, my body was recovering and allowing that stress to go away, and therefore causing less pain in my lower back was amazing.

Prior to starting here, I was experiencing low back pain daily since 2012. I was worried about how I was going to be able to care for my daughter if it continued to get worse. It was constantly there, and it made me so impatient. After about 5 months of care at CLC, it’s rare that I experience it. Sometimes, if I have a little extra stress going on in my life, the old stress patterns will try to sneak back in, but after I get adjusted my body recuperates so much more quickly than it ever did in the past.

It’s made a big difference in my overall day to day. I feel more present. Before, it felt like I was in a fight or flight state all the time; my nervous system was STUCK in stress mode and I was always worried about something. Now, I am able to handle stress better in the moment, take a breath and think through things more rationally rather than being full of fear and anxiety. With my lower back not hurting as it used to, I’m able to be in the moment and not constantly be pulled out because something internally is distracting me from what I need to be thinking about. My energy levels have improved drastically as well, and I find coffee is not something that I NEED to make it to the end of the day. Chiropractic care is something my whole family utilizes to keep us healthy and feeling our best!”

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- Lisa M.

“I had recently moved to Iowa from California and the Lord brought me straight here. I had been receiving chiropractic care for fibromyalgia for 4 yrs and I wanted to continue with that treatment. I had also been struggling with chronic headaches and migraines for years. To my surprise, the type of chiropractic care I had been receiving had barely even touched the surface of the kind of care and healing I was about to receive at CLC. Starting here has been the best decision I have ever made for myself and my son.

I had been dealing with chronic pain for a really long time. The worst part about it all is it was preventing me from being able to do simple things with my son like going for a walk, going to the park, taking him on trips and even going to the grocery store. If it involved walking or riding on things, I just physically couldn’t keep up because as soon as my feet touched the ground it felt like a stabbing, electrical jolts throughout my entire body. I would have to bring a “chaperone” with me to help with Noah, or I would have to just send him with others. It was heartbreaking and isolating. I was at a point in my life where I had just accepted I was going to be in extreme pain forever.

At my first appointment, I thought what you guys were saying was honestly a little crazy. The treatment I was getting before was nothing like what you provide at CLC. My old chiropractor basically was like “this is all that I can do for you, you’re gonna have to seek out a medical doctor to further manage your pain”. There were no neurological scans that you do at CLC involved, there was no talk about how your nervous system actually correlates to your overall health/wellness and how your body is functioning, there wasn’t even a care plan involved with consistent adjustments. When I thought of chiropractic before, it was just something I thought I needed to do to get a LITTLE bit of relief, I had no intentions of it ending up like it has. I had no idea it was about to change the rest of my life.

The care I have received here has way surpassed what I thought it was going to be in every single way. I would have never thought to explore health in this way if it weren’t for you guys. You truly opened my eyes.

My first thought when I saw the neurological scans was honestly just being mind blown. You were connecting all the dots for me as to WHY my body had been feeling this way for so many years. It pinpointed all the areas I was feeling physical pain and emotional stress… it laid out the stress in my body like a road map. I couldn’t believe it.

Some of the frustration before was the idea I was never going to actually get full relief and be able to live “pain free”. I truly thought that was nowhere in my future. Honestly my intention when starting was simply just to be able to “tolerate” another day. And it’s completely surpassed that in every way.

Before starting at CLC, I was taking 800 mg of ibuprofen daily and gabapentin (which had horrible side effects). I was also getting B12 shots. There were several other pain medications they wanted me to take, but when I went to the pharmacy to fill them, they would say “it does help with this, but remember if you have side effects of suicidal thoughts, etc. etc…stop taking them.” I quickly decided I did not want to take something like that.

After the 1st week of adjustments, coming 3x/wk, my mobility increased by more than 50%, by week 2 it was about 80% better. In terms of my ability to just move around, it was a night and day difference after the 2nd week of care. Before starting care, even the sensation of someone just touching me lightly was enough to make me cry because of the pain it would cause. After 3 weeks of care, it didn’t hurt to put pressure on my body anymore.

You told me that was going to happen, but I honestly didn’t believe you until I experienced it.
After about 8 months of consistent, weekly adjustments, my life is completely different. I occasionally have to take ONE ibuprofen if I fall down or something extreme happens, but other than that, I’m completely off of all my medications. The biggest difference is my ability to do things with my son. Now, I can go to baseball games, the park, go on long walks and on trails with my son… I can keep up with him so much better. There were times before we’d be on a walk and I’d have to call someone to pick me up 1/2 way through because I couldn’t endure the pain any longer. Even grocery shopping was something that was extremely difficult for me before. I couldn’t even walk in a store from start to finish. There were times that I actually had to leave my cart full of groceries at the store and I wasn’t able to finish buying them because I could not endure the pain of standing up any longer. It felt like someone was taking a sharp knife and stabbing it through my back and feet. I started to get all my groceries delivered because it was just easier. That took away from me being able to get out of the house and have social interactions, I began feeling more and more isolated. Any type of movement would send me into extreme pain, it was just easier to stay home… BUT… this is NO LONGER my reality. I just don’t have those struggles anymore. I can now do something as simple as grocery shopping and playing with my son. I’m even able to finally use the stairs in my house!

Before CLC, taking trips was something I just hadn’t seen in Noah and I’s future because of how hard it was for me to get around. This is NO LONGER our reality, we’ve recently went on TWO trips to Chicago and California; it’s a gift to know I’m going to be able to explore the world with my son now.

My life has completely changed since coming here. It has opened so many doors for me not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Being here is not just about fixing or healing the physical pain that I’ve had. What you guys do here is more than just provide medical care for people. It’s a community where people take care of each other, and love each other, and support each other. I’ve never gotten that from a medical provider EVER. This is what health care SHOULD look like. It’s gotten so far away from that.

You guys bring back the true intent of loving people through what your gift is, which is way more than just physically providing adjustments and “fixing” our bodies, it’s just way deeper than that here. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else after experiencing the love, care and support I get when I walk through the doors at CLC.

I no longer have the chronic headaches or migraines, or the generalized chronic and throbbing pain throughout my whole body. Before, the second my feet touched the ground, I would get pains that felt like electrical shocks shooting throughout my entire body. Trying to physically move through that made life almost unbearable. I have NONE of that anymore. My physical body is no longer preventing me from LIVING. It truly is a miracle.

It’s incredible how God places people in your life. I was destined to be here to be healed.”

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- Novaks

“I started care at CLC to address my hormone imbalances. I had been walking through the difficult journey of recurrent miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. We found out that I had a benign tumor on my ovary that was a contributing factor. All the doctors I had seen so far were just taking a “watch and wait” approach. It was really frustrating and devastating as we knew it was contributing to the loss of several pregnancies.

Once I started getting adjusted I was able to get pregnant within 1 month! That was the first time I was able to sustain a pregnancy in a couple of years. We got an ultrasound right away because of my history, and we were shocked to see that the tumor I had on my ovary for over 2 years was gone. The last time we had it evaluated on ultrasound was in January before starting care; the mass was 2 cm big and hadn’t changed in size for 2 years. I started care at CLC in March of that same year and by April my tumor was gone and I was pregnant!

We gave birth to Olivia in December; she was our 1st of 5 children who was adjusted as an infant, literally hours after she was born! Her growth and development journey has been vastly different from our other kids who did not receive chiropractic care until they were older (more on their chiropractic stories below!). Olivia is by far our healthiest child. She has very advanced speech compared to my other kids; at 2 years old she is talking in full sentences and speaks very clearly, whereas some of my other children were non-verbal at the age of two and had major speech challenges. Olivia is also more advanced in her gross-motor skills and is much more emotionally stable than my other kids. She doesn’t have anxiety like her siblings did. She is outgoing and doesn’t let fear intervene with how she interacts with people.

Before beginning care at CLC, my older kids were struggling with anxiety, OCD, behavioral challenges, major sensory issues, and major speech challenges… the difference you had to offer was getting to the root of the problem.

My oldest daughter wasn’t able to feel parts of her body and her bones were collapsing. Once she started getting adjusted, she was able to feel parts of her body that she was never able to before and her bones have been able to start evening out more. I wish we would have known about chiropractic sooner for her.

I’ve seen tremendous improvements with all my older kids in terms of anxiety, OCD, and behavioral issues after beginning care. Some of my kids were non-verbal up until 2 and we had to get other interventions involved. Once we began chiropractic care, their speech and language development rapidly started excelling and they were able to get caught up to the appropriate level. Our only child who has never experienced any of these challenges is Olivia who has been adjusted since literally a few hours old.

Our entire family, my 5 kids, myself and my husband are all under weekly chiropractic care. Our entire household environment is much more calm now; before coming here we were kind of at a loss of what to do for everyone’s health issues. We were seeking care from other holistic health care practitioners at the time, and what we found was that once we started chiropractic care, all those other things we were working on started getting better. It was like chiropractic was the missing link to connect all those other practices we were trying like PT, OT, and different supplements. Our nervous systems were finally calm enough to actually integrate all the other changes and protocols we were doing.

We look at health totally different now, we are seeing it through a new lens. We don’t live in fear about any chronic health issues that may come along, because we have now been equipped with a lot more tools and knowledge because of chiropractic; how our body’s work and how our bodies heal. Rather than suppressing our body from doing what it was designed and created to do, we’ve opened up a whole new world on how to actually support our bodies as it navigates different symptoms and stressors.”

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- Noah’s Mom

“I started Noah because he had fallen and hit his head; I wanted to make sure his nervous system was okay after being diagnosed with a concussion, little did I know there was so much more chronic health challenges Noah would finally be able to heal from when we began chiropractic care. When I sat down with Dr.Nikki and started discussing Noah’s history of severe asthma, allergies and eczema… and she told me chiropractic may be able to help Noah with all of these health challenges, my mind was blown. Chiropractic has completely changed his life.
Prior to finding CLC, Noah was taking A LOT of different medications at just 4 years old. He was taking 2 different daily allergy meds, using an inhaler at least 3x/day, and additionally we were doing breathing treatments up to 4-5x/month at home. We had to go to the doctor often for steroids and additional breathing treatments. His attacks have been so bad over the years, we’ve even ended up in the ER several times.

He wasn’t able to do simple things like play hard outside or run. When we would go to the trampoline park, he’d want to keep up with the other kids, it was honestly kind of scary at times because this would send him into a severe attack. I would have to talk to him about how he had to take it easier than the rest of the kids because of his asthma, it broke my heart. Before finding CLC, it never occurred to me that his nervous system may just be stressed and chiropractic was the answer to help his body truly heal.

Within the first few adjustments, my babysitter was calling me saying Noah was running around playing outside with the other kids, jumping on the trampoline all day long, and he hadn’t used his inhaler once, NOT ONCE! I was in a bit of disbelief. Normally, he would have to take intermittent breaks to use his inhaler several times while playing because otherwise he would start coughing and having an asthma attack.

Fast forward to now. After several months of care, all his health challenges have essentially gone away. He can be a kid now! He can run and play with friends without anything holding him back. I can’t even remember the last time he had to use his inhaler, we no longer have to do breathing treatments at home, and Noah doesn’t even have to take his allergy medications anymore! I’ve even seen improvements in his mood! He is a much happier kid because he’s no longer weighed down by all these health issues at just 4 yrs old. When the weather starts changing, or maybe he is fighting something… we always bring him in more frequently for additional adjustments to help his nervous system adapt to the stress more efficiently, and it saves me a lot of money compared to going to the ER and having to pay for all his medications.
I used to think about how I was going to have to tell Noah he couldn’t do track, or baseball or swimming when he got older, because it would just be too dangerous for him. I had convinced myself it just wasn’t in the cards for Noah, I really believed this was the limitation his body had and we just wouldn’t be able to ever get past it. I dreaded this conversation that I played over and over again in my head that I would have to have one day.

Once again, you showed me that wasn’t going to be the case for Noah, just like you did for me in my own healing journey. After getting Noah started with chiropractic care, I’m confident he WILL be able to do all those sports that he wants to do and simply be able to keep up with the other kids because his asthma is no longer holding him back. As a mom, that’s all you really ever want for your kids. You don’t want them to feel left out or like they are different. To have to limit his activities or exposure to the outside and being around others because of his health, it was heart breaking as a mom. It brings me to tears knowing that Noah does not have to live by those limitations anymore because of the healing chiropractic has provided us.

For you guys to break that barrier I had set for both Noah’s health and my own, I feel like God has provided in every way. If I hadn’t found you guys when I did, I fear that Noah would have missed years and years of playing with his friends. I feel like the Lord led me here and was telling me, “No Lisa, Noah is going to be able to play sports and this is where you are going to learn that his body does not have to have this limitation.” Here at CLC, you guys have just crushed all those walls and barriers I had put up for myself and my son. You’ve opened us up to a whole new view of our futures that I never really saw for either one of us. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

When I started here, my goal was to be able to play with my son. And then I started Noah, and I just wanted him to be able to play with his friends. Our lives are completely different now. I feel like we are finally able to LIVE. If the Lord brought us how many thousands of miles from California, just for this, I am content in my decision to move to Iowa. You always hear things happen for a reason and you always want to know what those reasons are and why things happen the way they do, but I truly believe the Lord was closing those doors in California because he wanted us to get here to CLC to heal. It really is a perfect story.”

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- Zoie’s mom

“Before beginning care here, Zoie was dealing with anxiety, behavioral issues, defiance, aggression, as well as lots of headaches, stomach aches and car sickness. We had been trying to address these challenges for over 5 years with therapy and different medications but nothing seemed to help. It was really frustrating trying all of these things, things they always said were going to work, but didn’t. It got to a point where something had to give, we had to take a different approach and get to the root cause of her struggles or else it was just going to keep getting worse.

That is when we started at CLC. Everything here has always been communicated so well. Every time she is adjusted, you always explain what areas you worked on, why they were areas that needed to be adjusted, and how that could ultimately affect the way Zoie’s body is functioning. When I first saw the scans, it was mind blowing, I remember feeling so much emotion around finally getting to the root of her challenges. It was an aha moment of “THIS is why she is the way she is, and now we are finally going to do something that’s actually going to be able to help her!”

The craziest thing to me was last week before I even told Dr. Mike what was going on, he started assessing her spine and nervous system and asked if she had any big life stressors going on that day because of what he was finding. I was shocked, there was actually a death in our family that week. I was just so amazed how you guys can really tell what stress the body is working through without us even telling you.

My husband was a little skeptical before starting our journey here, but he was the one who initially pointed out he could tell chiropractic care was making a huge difference for Zoie.
Zoie is in such a better spot emotionally now; she’s able to articulate her emotions better, she’s able to cope so much more efficiently and she is much calmer. When she does get angry or frustrated, she’s able to come down from it much more quickly & express to us why she was angry, which is something that was really hard for her to do before. Overall she is just a much happier kid! Zoie is so much more polite and she’s wanting to engage with us more in conversation, which we didn’t really get much of before! Another huge change we’ve seen is she doesn’t get car sick anymore; before care at CLC she would experience bad car sickness even with medications and now she hardly experiences it at all! Zoie doesn’t get headaches and belly aches nearly as often, and we’ve even noticed a difference in her posture; she’s standing up taller!

Before finding CLC, life was very stressful. We were at a point where something had to change. As a parent, it was tiring and exhausting trying to help Zoie through these challenges, no parent wants to see their child struggle. Now, we don’t have very many issues!

Probably the best part of all of this improvement we’ve seen with Zoie, is how it’s impacted the whole family. She is getting along with her siblings so much better. Zoie isn’t constantly trying to pick arguments with everyone now. This weekend, she spent a lot of time with her brother and they were actually getting along! That doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it was huge! I haven’t seen that in so long and it was just so refreshing to see the entire family dynamic changing because Zoie is in such a better place now.”

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- Allison

“Before starting care here at CLC, I was dealing with lots of low back pain, irritability, anxiety and fatigue. My stress levels were extremely high and there wasn’t a reason for it other than my body was trying to tell me I wasn’t in a good place.

Over the last few years, I transitioned to being a stay at home mom; I noticed my irritability and anxiety were gradually climbing. I tried to manage my stress for a while with things like yoga and self-care at home, but I didn’t even have the energy or endurance to do those things, it was just easier to stay in bed and not get up and work out. I was fatigued and exhausted all the time, which would then amplify my stress and anxiety. I was verbally exploding a lot and I hated the place I was in.

I knew how to make myself feel good in terms of healthy eating and exercising, but I was stuck in a pit. My body was craving sugar all the time to try and give me a quick pick me up and boost in energy, which would of course give me a small boost of energy followed by a crash. My neurology was too stressed to allow me to execute on these healthy habits I knew I needed to follow through with.

Before coming here, I actually saw a different chiro for a while. I went every month, but it was more of just a “back cracker” and a quick “band-aid” fix, I wasn’t seeing a change, it wasn’t relieving anything so I ended up stopping.

I came to CLC and you guys did neurological scans on the first visit which helped you pinpoint and identify where all my stress was stemming from. Even though I had been going to another chiro for a while, my scans were still super stressed! I was relieved to see there was a reason behind why I was feeling the way I was. Once I started at CLC, I began with getting adjusted several times a week to help CALM my nervous system down and get me out of FIGHT/FLIGHT mode.

After I would get adjustments, I would experience these surges of energy and rush of endorphins, I was able to go home and actually be productive with my day rather than just sitting around. I love how you guys are constantly educating and reassuring your patients every step of the way. It was so cool to see the progress scans, my improvements, and all the HEALING taking place in my nervous system.

After about 1-2 months of consistent care, I really started feeling the momentum of healing picking up. Now, I am sleeping SO MUCH better! I feel refreshed in the morning instead of groggy. When I feel rested, I feel like I can take care of my family. I’m pouring from a full cup and have so much more to give! Before I was so drained and trying to pour from an empty cup, which was draining me even more.

I also have the energy to exercise and I’m not relying on coffee to get me through my day. I’ve noticed my body is now craving water and healthy foods, rather than sugar and junk, because it’s helping me heal! I’m able to better take care of my family! My low back pain has also improved drastically, which I had been dealing with for 12+ years! I used to constantly be in pain, which would make it hard for me to get on the floor and play with my kids. I’m so happy I’m able to do these things with EASE now and feel good while doing it!”

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- Obermans

“Our family started coming here 5 years ago; both of my children were having terrible digestive issues, they would scream on the toilet every time they tried going to the restroom because they were so constipated. My son Wyatt was very uncoordinated, he was literally running into walls all the time before starting here.

Dr. Mike had explained it to me better than any doctor ever had before. Wyatt’s brain was stuck in concert mode… it was very “noisy” which made it extremely difficult for his neurology to focus on the rest of his body’s needs like balance/coordination, digestion, & immune function.

After starting care, we noticed Wyatt started focusing and sleeping better almost right away. His digestion improved significantly; he was finally able to go to the bathroom without screaming! He also stopped running into walls..I always just thought he was clumsy, it turns out his brain was just really stressed and overwhelmed. It was like a totally new kid emerged. His immune system also improved significantly!

We saw my daughter’s constipation also resolve and were able to address a unique crawl she had developed. We learned how important cross-crawling was for proper brain development and are so thankful we were able to address this issue right away! Amelia was also behind on other developmental milestones until she came here. With consistent adjustments, she began to hit all of the milestones she was lagging behind on very rapidly!

As for me, I had gone through 2 pregnancies without chiropractic care at the time we started; I was having a lot of back issues and was feeling a lot of stress as a mom! My 3rd pregnancy was the first one I was under weekly chiro care, and man was it DIFFERENT! It’s something that I just kick myself for now.

Had I known earlier about your chiropractic approach and that you could get adjusted during pregnancy, that babies can and SHOULD get adjusted right away, it would have drastically changed how well I recovered during my postpartum period, as well as the ease and comfort of my babies. I had a hard time managing my postpartum anxiety after my first 2 pregnancies… I truly believe I was able to navigate all of my emotions so much better after my 3rd because of the chiropractic care I had received both prenatally and postpartum. Through my education here, I’ve been able to understand those changes that happen from a hormonal and emotional standpoint, I’ve been able to get more in-tune with my body and truly listen to its needs. I delivered Josie with so much more ease and comfort than with my first 2 and recovered much more quickly!

We brought Josie in to get checked right after birth because of all the stress babies go through to get earth-side! She was a drastically different baby than my other 2 (who had not received chiro care right away) in terms of her overall comfort, ease, wellness, & development. Josie is hitting her developmental milestones so much more quickly than her siblings; there was a huge difference in the way her brain and body was able to develop. She also hasn’t had any sickness in her first 2 years of life. Both Wyatt and Amelia had ear infections, terrible gas which they needed gas drops for, they were constipated… Josie hasn’t experienced any of that and we contribute it all to chiro care!

My husband’s ability to handle stress and overall health has improved significantly as well. It didn’t take him long to get hooked like the rest of us!!

You guys have helped us understand how to take care of our bodies better outside of the office as well. When we get sick, we come in for extra adjustments and our bodies are able to kick whatever we are fighting so much quicker than we had been able to in the past. Before finding CLC, we’d just deal with whatever we were struggling with or just try to medicate it.. rather than really listening to our bodies and finding the solution it needed to actually heal. We continue to come every week to get our adjustments, it’s become apart of our lifestyle because we know that under chiro care, we just feel our best! As a whole, our family is much more energized and we are much more in tune with our bodies, ultimately we are more empowered about health and are so thankful we found CLC!”

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- Tori

“I initially came to Congruent because I was having migraines beyond belief; they paralyzed me to the point I couldn’t get up and do daily functions. They were so bad ibuprofen wouldn’t touch them. I also had very shakey hands and my weight fluctuated a lot. I was experiencing extreme fatigue and had a lot of brain fog. My menstrual cramps were unbearable and I had a very sluggish digestive system.

I didn’t want to feel like this forever. I just wanted a day to wake up and not wonder if I’m gonna feel like crude; not wonder if I’m going to get a migraine; not be hesitant to show someone a picture on my phone because my hands are shaking so bad. I had been struggling with all of this stuff for about a year and I just wanted to feel GOOD again.

I don’t love going to the doctor, for my whole life it’s never been my first resort. I hated the idea of going on any type of migraine medication. I was at a loss of what to do. I knew I had to try CLC first. I finally pulled the trigger and started care here; it’s helped me with every single symptom that I came in with.

CLC got to the root cause. You found out what the real problem was, where as other places would have just masked the issues with medications and prescriptions. When I saw all the stress on my neurological scans at my first appointment, I was actually relieved that everything I was experiencing wasn’t just in my head, I could see it right there on paper.

You can tell you guys genuinely care about your patients; I feel so comfortable here. I have never felt comfortable at a doctor’s office until I came here. You want to know that you are being taken care of, that YOU matter, and that’s what I feel here.

I started feeling better immediately. The first time I got adjusted, I came in with a headache and left without a headache; I haven’t had a migraine since! Before, I couldn’t even get my pain during my cycle to a manageable amount WITH ibuprofen, now my cramps are very minimal or not there at all! My digestion has also improved significantly!

After the first month of care, my hands stopped shaking! I was feeling so much more energized. My brain fog was gone! I wasn’t able to focus on anything or be present before…now, it’s just so different! My anxiety and depression have improved so much; because so many of my other symptoms that were draining me have improved significantly, I am now better able to focus my energy on healthy ways to manage my anxiety and depression. It’s very apparent to people I am around on a daily basis that my health has improved by a landslide. I was shocked how quickly I started feeling better in literally every aspect of my health.

My life is just way better now. I am HEALING. You guys have helped me more than you know. I can’t even believe I let myself go so long feeling the way I was. I am so incredibly thankful I found CLC.

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- Covingtons

“I was coming in for prenatal care and began to learn how babies go through so much in both the womb and during childbirth. The stress that gets absorbed into their upper neck can influence all the neurology that controls growth + development, sleep + healing, and the immune system. It was so important to us that we brought Ridge in to get adjusted right after birth to address all of the stress in his nervous system as soon as possible, so ultimately he would be able to function at his best.

I wanted to make sure that he’d be set up to have the best possible development he could have, and I think through chiropractic care, that’s what we’ve been able to give him. I’ve learned tools from you guys to allow Ridge to function as best as possible. If he is fighting something immune wise, I bring him for extra adjustments to help optimize the function of his immune system. I know whatever struggle his body is navigating, he will only be able to handle it the best he can, if he has a balanced nervous system.

Prior to coming here, I had only been to chiropractic offices that would just do one scan in the beginning before starting care, but I never got subsequent scans done after that. At CLC, you are getting re-scanned frequently and are able to see your progress and how your body and nervous system is functioning on paper which is really awesome and a big reason why we decided to come here.

Another thing we absolutely love about CLC is the family atmosphere. You guys know us personally and truly care. It’s just the greatest feeling walking in and feeling known and heard.
My husband, Ridge and I all come here. I was the first one to start and saw huge benefits for myself, I knew this was a place I wanted to bring my whole family. It’s important to us to be preventative and proactive in our health, rather than just waiting for something bad to happen, and you’ve given us the tools and knowledge to do so!”

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Poor health may already be costing you a great deal.

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Every person and every family have different health needs; therefore, we have a variety of different options and are very flexible. Call our office today to figure out the investment it will take to get your family checked.

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