- Cooper’s mom

We began bringing Cooper to CLC because he was having emotional outbursts/episodes. He had been struggling with this for about 6 months prior to seeking care. It was really frustrating for Cooper navigating this; while he was having an “episode” it was really hard for him to express what was happening.

Chiropractic was our first step. Our biggest concern was that Cooper seemed to be holding everything in. I have received chiropractic care since I was a child and experienced having that nervous system support every week was really able to help me navigate my emotions and feelings so I wanted to be proactive and try it with Cooper to see if it would help him regulate better.

Shortly after beginning care, Cooper was having less and less emotional outbursts. It was a lot easier for him to express how he was feeling. There was a period of time when we weren’t able to come in for a couple of weeks for an adjustment and we definitely noticed those old patterns creeping back in, and he did to! He told us that he really felt like he needed to get adjusted to help him feel better again.

The biggest difference we’ve seen in Cooper since beginning at CLC is that when he does get worked up, he knows ways to cope with that. He’s able to calm himself down and then he’s able to talk to us about his feelings calmly, rather than not being able to control his emotions.

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- Danielle

In January, I was to a point where I wasn’t able to move. I was having to work from my bed and was in tears from how bad the pain was. I knew there was something wrong. I have a high tolerance for pain so I just let things continue to get worse and worse over the course of the last year until I couldn’t function anymore.

It was so frustrating to feel like I couldn’t be myself, do the things I wanted to do, even just move around because of the pain. I was honestly scared because I knew something had to be seriously wrong. I don’t really like to take pain meds, but at my worst I was having to rely on them just to get through the day.

When I had my first appointment at CLC and we went over the neurological scans, there was A LOT of stress. The scans don’t lie. They really helped to identify and target where all the pain I was having was stemming from. I was able to understand how my body was responding to traumatic things I’ve been through over the last 20 years. It put everything into a nutshell for me and I was able to have this light bulb moment. Things that I didn’t really think were impacting me were actually having a way bigger impact on how my brain and nervous system were functioning than I realized.

I had been in a perpetual fight or flight state over the last few years. After my first adjustment, I just felt this huge release of stress being lifted off my nervous system. I feel like I have a TON of energy now compared to when I first started. The “aches and pains” I was contributing to just getting older are no longer present for me. Chiropractic has helped regulate my moods and has allowed me to handle situations that would normally make me very upset or emotional a lot better. I have a much bigger capacity to really address stressful things in my life, and I’ve made some huge life changes to get me into a much better place. It’s also helped with my sleep.

I recently fell down some stairs after I started care, and I was really nervous that was going to take me a long time to recover from, but after about 2 adjustments I felt completely back to normal! In the past, something like that would’ve been a lot longer recovery for me.

Before care I was in a cycle of pain, and then it was hard to move, and then it would just snowball. It was so hard to break the cycle. Chiropractic was the missing piece. I haven’t had any situations where I’ve been bed ridden from pain since beginning care, and I’ve lost almost 20 lbs! The doctors at CLC have helped educate me that if there is pain happening, there is something going on underneath the surface that needs to be addressed to actually heal.

I continue to get adjusted on a weekly basis to help maintain all the positive changes I’ve seen in my life. Life is stressful! I have to travel often for work and meet a lot of deadlines, I want to do what I can to stay on top of it so I don’t end up back in a place like I was before starting. Every one is so kind, knows me by name, and are genuinely interested in how I am doing. The environment is so great at CLC!

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- Brooks

We started coming to CLC because Brooks’ neck was always rotated to the right, which lead to him developing a flat spot on the back of his head. He was favoring his right side when he was sleeping and in his car seat. Additionally, Brooks was also struggling with constipation. I got on your website and read through a lot of other testimonials of babies with similar challenges as Brooks who benefited from chiropractic care. I was trying to find solutions that would address the root of his problems. The pediatrician had us schedule an appointment with neurosurgery to make sure there wasn’t a problem we had to address there, but that wasn’t for another 3 weeks and I wanted to find something that could help him as quickly as I could.

I had never been to a chiropractor that did neurological scans like CLC does, they allowed us to actually see what was going on in the body. The areas of stress that came up in Brooks’ nervous system on the scans were matching up with the stress we were visibly seeing in him, it was very validating and confirmed to me that we were in the right place to get Brooks the help he needed.

Once we began care at CLC, we started noticing improvements in Brooks fairly quickly. He no longer favors his right side. He is sleeping with his head turned both ways now and has no issue rotating his head in either direction. We have also seen a lot of improvement with his flat spot that was developing. It has rounded out a lot since beginning care.

Within a few adjustments, we were seeing improvements with his constipation as well. It was not uncommon for him to go 2 days without any bowel movements. The pediatrician didn’t really seem concerned with this, but since we’ve been getting him adjusted, he now has a bowel movement at least 1-2 times per day.

I love bringing Brooks here because it not only has helped with the things we initially sought out care for, but I know it is also helping to optimize growth and development as he is navigating new milestones like sitting, crawling and even teething. It is always so interesting to see the things that come up in relation to his nervous system function, line up with what we are seeing in him developmentally. I love that chiropractic care is helping him be as healthy as he can be!

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- Gage’s Mom

I starting bringing Gage to CLC at the age of 3 for constipation and anxiety. Looking back, he was definitely sick more often before beginning care. He spent 6 nights in the hospital for RSV when he was 2 and had been on several different antibiotics when he was younger. He doesn’t see his pediatrician anymore except for his annual physical for school because he doesn’t get sick like he used to! His doctor even commented that over the last 3 years he had only been there 3 times for his physicals and how incredible that was.

When we started, he was eating really well and drinking plenty of water but still was struggling with constipation because it would hurt to go. I didn’t want to resort to using long term miralax. Anything I could do to help him be able to listen to his body and allow it to function better was my goal when I was seeking chiropractic care. Shortly after starting, I noticed Gage was having more regular bowel movements without the pain and anxiety associated with it. After chiropractic, he was struggling less in general. His anxiety is nothing like it was when we started. His ability to socialize also started to improve! He is able to do things more independently now and I’ve seen his confidence grow over time. Gage used to complain about neck pain and he doesn’t have that problem any more either. When he started to get relief, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. As a mom, it makes you feel good when your kids can start to handle some of the day to day things more independently.

The scans that you do here show that as we have continued with care, his nervous system is a lot less stressed than it used to be. Both of my kids love coming to the chiropractor. As soon as I tell them we are coming, they fight over who gets to go first. To me that says they notice a difference too!

Gage is growing great and is doing amazing in school, especially behaviorally which is something we have struggled with in the past. He rarely gets sick and no longer struggles with constipation and anxiety. I truly believe everything we are doing preventatively for Gage with chiropractic care has been a crucial component to that.

As a mom, learning about how I have been in a perpetual state of fight or flight, I wanted to be able to help my kids be able to calm and regulate that. It was important to me to find a chiropractor that approaches the body and healing in a holistic way, and that’s what you do at CLC! I also began care at CLC during my 2nd pregnancy to help prepare my body for a drug free delivery, and it made all the difference!

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- Kennedy’s Mom

We sought out care for Kennedy at CLC when she was 3 months old because she was experiencing constipation and was beginning to get really irritable. She started showing symptoms of being colicky. She also was having a hard time with sleeping and nursing. She had started to go on breast feeding strikes where she would just refuse to eat. We knew Congruent Life from a family friend. When we started looking at reviews and testimonials, we decided this is where we needed to come for Kennedy.

From the moments we walked in the doors, you all were so great at educating us about how chiropractic care could help Kennedy. The scans really showed us what was going on internally and how the birthing process affects a new borns system. It was very unique that it could show us as parents where the stressors were in her body. It made sense and helped us make a connection of how the nervous system stress was affecting her digestive system and the calming components of the brain important for sleep and overall comfort. Being educated on that helped us understand there were other answers than just “she’ll grow out of this” or “this is just a stage”.

Kennedy’s struggles began around 1 month old when she was getting out of the “sleepy” new born stage. So in terms of the constipation, sleep, irritability, and eating challenges, she had been struggling for about 2 months when we began care at CLC. She experienced relief from her constipation almost immediately after beginning adjustments. Kennedy was having a bowel movement once every several days before chiropractic, and that was with utilizing gas drops and the windi stick. We definitely wanted to find a more natural approach. I went through one bottle of gas drops and I didn’t want to keep medicating her if we didn’t have to. We wanted a long term solution for her. Within 2 weeks she was having bowel movements every day, sometimes multiple times per day, and they were much easier for her to pass without having to strain.

We also started to see improvements with her eating. Before, she would go on these eating strikes where she would refuse to eat at each feeding session, and sometimes it would last for an entire day before she’d eat again because she was so uncomfortable. Sometimes, the only way I could get her to nurse was if I was bouncing on a ball to keep her content during the feed. I was constantly having to switch positions just to find a way that she would eat. That was a big frustration and we knew we had to address this as soon as possible. Within the first few weeks of care, she was only striking maybe once a day rather than at every feeding session, and by the end of the first month she no longer struggles with nursing challenges and feeding strikes at all.

Kennedy is a wonderful sleeper now. After the first month of care, she was sleeping through the night at 3 months old. She hit a little sleep regression at the 4 month mark that we breezed through and now she’s been in a good pattern of just waking one time per night to feed and going right back to bed. Before we started care she waking every 3 hours, if not more if she was going through a growth spurt.

After that initial phase of care where we were bringing Kennedy in several times per week, she was so much more comfortable and a completely different baby overall. From being so fussy, irritable and uncomfortable all the time, to being a happy, calm and content baby that just goes with the flow, we’ve made it a priority to continue to bring her in for weekly wellness care. We can visibly see how much better she feels after her adjustments and want to continue to support her nervous system as she has so much growth and development ahead of her.

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- Beckett

We brought Beckett to CLC seeking to help her be able to regulate her emotions and behaviors better.

She was all over the place in terms of her ability to focus, sit still, or interact with others. We were starting to notice some challenges with school and hyperactivity issues. These challenges started around the age of 2; she would have a hard time calming herself. She was full of high emotions and high energy. She didn’t have a lot of “down time” from an early age. She’s 7 now and we were noticing consistently there just wasn’t a lot of calm here.

CLC takes a whole body approach. You don’t treat people like there is something wrong with them. We didn’t need to “fix” Beckett, we just wanted to help her be able to regulate her nervous system better. It was different than a quick fix approach that we would get if we took her to a medical doctor and would likely just be given a diagnosis and medications. We weren’t interested in diagnosing her with a “disorder”, medicating her, changing her… we just wanted to help her mind feel at ease. I knew through my own research there were other holistic options out there.

At CLC, you aren’t symptom focused. Your goal is to help people’s nervous systems function as optimally as possible, and when you do that things can change and healing starts to happen.

After the initial few months of care, we started to see the benefits Beckett was receiving from adjustments. She was able to regulate her emotions better. We saw a lot more CALM starting to be present. She’s able to have periods of rest when her body is telling her to relax now. She doesn’t have the need anymore to make noises and do other sensory seeking behaviors during times of quiet. Simple things like telling her to go brush her teeth, are no longer resulting in meltdowns. She’s able to wake up in the morning and focus on a routine, rather than being super hectic and crazy. She’s overall in a good mood and is experiencing a decreased number of emotional outbursts. Beckett has a lot less anxious tendencies now. She no longer bites around her nails, picks at her fingers, or does her mouth “tic”. I feel so much relief for her.

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- Cathy (mom)

“I started at Congruent Life approximately 2 years ago, primarily for my daughter who suffers with ADHD and anxiety. Shortly after, I also started care at CLC. I started due to stress and a horrible memory. I couldn’t even remember appointment dates despite having them on my calendar. Fast forward 2 years and I am amazed at the difference. My memory is slowly improving, but the overall improvements in my HEALTH is what surprised me the most. I rarely get sick now. I work at a child care center and used to be sick so often, despite having worked in the field 20+ years.

Before care, I also was experiencing terrible back/hip pain and frequent migraines and headaches. I had tried other chiropractors and doctors who prescribed me medicine to try to help with the pain, but it never seemed to work or last. It was very frustrating.

My daughter and I both get adjusted weekly now. My daughter says after adjustments her body feels more relaxed and less jittery. She looks forward to going and we both feel like the team at CLC is extended family. We love them to pieces! When things were at its worst for us they gave us hope and encouragement. My daughter is in the middle of her teen years, and I can confidently say that I know her anxiety would be WAY worse without the care at CLC. Dr. Mike and Mady have been so gentle and sweet to myself and my daughter as well as provided consistent and excellent care.

The other thing that impresses me about CLC is that we don’t just get adjustments and leave. Dr. Mike takes the time to explain what he’s doing and how it affects our system. Education is the key to understanding how our body works and it’s been interesting to put all the puzzle pieces of anxiety, stress, pain etc. into one big puzzle of understanding. We love this family/chiropractic office and couldn’t feel more blessed to have them in our life. PS…We have loved the added bonus of getting to know their little Greyson. He makes us smile everytime we see him!”

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- Jon

I had been getting chiropractic care in the Des Moines area when I got a job in Iowa City, and they pointed me to CLC. I had been working for 28 years in public safety which was contributing to my back issues. I was having back spasms that could put me in bed for a week or more.

It was frustrating because I would be making strides and then would fall backwards again. The inconsistency of this was hard, which made it more stressful. After receiving care at CLC, my back feels better and I am not worried it will “give out” again, like it did several years ago. I feel better lifting my handicap daughter from and into her wheelchair. I also travel a lot for work. Before, those trips in the car would cause the back spasms and subsequent issues, but now when I travel I’m just a little stiff. It doesn’t cause the back pain like it used to.

Overall, I am satisfied that the staff at CLC cares, welcomes you, and the doctors have your best interest at heart.

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- Cash’s mom

When we started care at CLC our son Cash had recently been diagnosed with mild ADHD. He was consistently interrupting, could not seem to settle himself down and often angry with himself because he knew his behaviors were something that he could not control. We were at the point of daily calls, emails and chats with school about his behaviors. He was getting shipped out of class just as often.

It was a constant struggle with Cash. He’d leave school ‘in trouble’ and come home ‘in trouble’, while at home his was ‘in trouble’. He spent more time being punished because of his behaviors then he did actually getting to be a kid. My husband and I wanted to exhaust every opportunity that we could before even thinking about medicine and we’re thankful we heard about CLC at the time we did. He’s such a fantastic kid (not just saying that as his mom) and has always been ‘that boy with a TON of energy’ and we really didn’t want to lose that about him.

My husband, Nick, goes to the same gym as Dr. Mike, Dr. Nikki and Mady. He sent me a testimonial from another mother whose son was going through the exact same things that Cash was and was receiving care at CLC. It honestly brought tears to my eyes to hear their results. This is what we’d been looking for. The atmosphere at CLC, along with Dr’s Mike & Nikki, Mady, everyone… it’s just such a family feel. They’re rooting for your kids as much as you are.

This journey with Cash is most definitely a process. It’s been a great journey with CLC and Cash is still trying to get exactly where he needs to be. He went through a really good stint at school about a month in. He was getting rave reviews from school and we could also see a change of him being able to not get so angry with himself at home as much. That’s when we knew, hey this is actually making a difference. For Cash – his journey with CLC is still ongoing. For us, as a family, in the end we decided that maybe medicine wasn’t such a bad thing and that we did need to take another look. BUT it’s only one piece of his puzzle. Through that and his regular adjustments with CLC, he is THRIVING at school and at home. There isn’t the same amount of doubt for him and he can now, for the most part (he’s still working on it), control those emotions or situations that would always seem to get him in trouble. We’re hoping that continued adjustments will get him on track to not need the additional assistance of medicine one day!”

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