- Maelin

“I started coming here because of generalized pain, fatigue, and anxiety/stress! I was actually at a previous chiropractor before moving to the area, I went religiously like I do here, but I never saw the progress like I have experienced at CLC. They didn’t do the scans that you guys do… it didn’t seem like they were able to pinpoint the areas of stress on my nervous system like you guys were able to… your approach was just so much different and I think it’s what my body needed to heal.

When I did the initial scans here, even though I had been going to another chiro for awhile, they were still showing areas of significant stress in my nervous system! Once I started at CLC, I noticed that I progressed a lot faster than I had experienced in the past.

I started getting adjusted 3x/week and by about week 4 I wasn’t feeling nearly as uncomfortable throughout the day and I started to see a lot of improvements in my ability to fall asleep at night as well. I go to bed at the same time that I always have, but now when I wake up… I feel refreshed and energized, rather than exhausted. When I get home from work, I don’t feel like I just need to take a nap right away like I used to; I’m getting much more restful sleep which has restored my energy levels!

I also used to be on medications for mood support before coming here, but I haven’t had to take any since I started care and it’s just something I don’t even think about any more!
I’m a dental assistant so I do a lot of leaning over at work, getting weekly adjustments have really helped me overall be in less pain, I’m sleeping much better and have more energy, and I’m all around just happier!”

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- Macy

“I began care here when I was about 1/2 way through my pregnancy because I had intense pain going down the back of my leg that was progressively getting worse. The pain was getting bad enough that it was making it hard to work. I had so much stress pulling my hips forward from all the biomechanical changes happening during pregnancy, it was really easy to become “unbalanced” which caused me so much pain.

I own a business that requires me to lift a lot of furniture while I’m at work… some days it’d get bad enough that I would either have to lay down and not be able to finish my work, or I’d have to find someone else to do it for me.

Before pregnancy, I would have really bad issues with sciatica every few months that would come and go, but when I got pregnant it just became constant and got worse and worse. I knew I had to find a more permanent solution. You guys actually found the points of stress on my body with your neurological scans and were able to put a care plan in place to give me long-lasting relief.

After a few weeks it was making my work so much more tolerable. I noticed the longer I was coming, the longer I would experience relief in between adjustments. Coming in every Monday morning and getting rebalanced for the week was crucial for me after having really busy weekends at work. As we got busier during wedding season, I was actually able to keep up without being in intense pain! This last weekend was actually one of the busiest weekend we’ve ever had and I had ZERO pain [at 36 weeks pregnant!]; I was able to actually execute the whole week with my team and not have to “tap out”. At 36 weeks pregnant, I’m feeling better than I did at 20 weeks of pregnancy!”

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- Tom

“I was navigating a lot of struggles before starting care here. I had debilitating pain in my lower back that would cause shooting pain down my leg. The pain started years ago and really increased about a year ago. It made it difficult to get around, to walk the dog, to do chores, to garden and can, to grill and cook… I wasn’t able to enjoy these things without experiencing this debilitating pain. At work, I was in pain all day long.

Once we did the scans I found out there was a lot more stress going on than just in my low back. The amount of stress in my neck was off the charts, and I learned through you guys, how it’s so important to address the body as a whole because everything is so connected.

It was interesting because I actually had a surgery in my neck years ago, I was losing feeling in my left side and they found out I had severe cervical stenosis. I ended up having to get my neck fused. It was crazy to see all of the stress come up on my scans in these areas from so long ago, and how that could be affecting my low back.

I was scared at the thought of having to go through another surgery, it’s a lot of money and time off work… I’m just so glad I took the chance and came here.

The other chiros I had been to never really helped to the extent I needed. It was always a come in when it hurts and we’ll “crack” you. You guys had the scans to actually measure how my body was functioning, how much stress and where that stress was at in my nervous system, and what I actually NEEDED to heal. You looked at how everything was functioning TOGETHER.

Once I started coming here, it didn’t take long for me to start feeling better… It was only about 2 weeks and I knew I had made the right choice. I finally felt hope again.

I love gardening and canning, being able to hold and pick up my grandchildren, being able to walk the dog and to do simple things like grilling without being in extreme pain.

I feel like I have gotten my life back. It literally feels like a miracle. Life is just so much more enjoyable now. So many people live their whole life feeling like “this is just how this is going to be from now on.” But it doesn’t have to be that way. I am living proof of that.”

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- Kelsie

“My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 7-8 months and had heard you guys had been successful with helping couples with this. Going through infertility and not knowing or understanding why was a really hard season to walk through. We felt like we were just grasping for answers, but weren’t finding any… until we came here.

I also was having shoulder and neck pain that I had been struggling with since highschool (10+ yrs). I had tried several different types of treatments to help with this, some were successful and some were not, but even the treatments that seemed to help me only gave temporary relief, nothing was ever successful in helping me long term which was really frustrating.

This was at least my 3rd or 4th chiropractic clinic I had been to. No one had ever done the neurological scans to pinpoint or explain where the hidden stress was at in my body and what that was leading to in terms of my health and overall function. I would just come in, get adjusted, and leave. Nothing was ever explained to me. As a client, I wasn’t informed of what was actually going on in my body. Everything about CLC is so different. One of the best things about this place is how much you explain everything, from doing the scans to after each adjustment, I always feel like I’m fully informed about what is going on in my body, how things are functioning, and the changes that are happening throughout care as I began to heal. This is by far the best results I’ve ever received from chiropractic, it’s not even comparative to the care I’ve received through other clinics.

My life has changed so much since beginning care here. As we continued to pursue getting pregnant, we were fully informed every step of the way. We were given so much information on things we could be doing both inside and outside of the office to aid in the process. We now had so many tools in our pockets as we walked through this journey. We were no longer left with unanswered questions, we were heard here, we were empowered here, we were healed here… and now we are pregnant!

My shoulder and neck pain is also gone completely! I was having this neck and back pain on a daily basis for 10+ years and it’s GONE! I’m a teacher so I walk and sit a lot, the pain would sometimes interfere with how much of myself I could fully give to my students; without this constant pain I am able to give my full attention to my students.

I’m at a point in my health journey where I am now proactive. I’m not just constantly reacting to being in pain. My health has been restored and it’s important to me to make chiropractic apart of my weekly lifestyle so my body can continue to feel and function at its best. I feel fully informed about my body. Having nervous system and spine health isn’t just a one and done thing, I’ve learned it needs continuous attention because of the everyday stressors of life that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Long story short, I just feel so much better when I come and am so thankful I began care here!”

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- Micah

“We started Micah here ultimately because of all the chronic health issues that I have experienced in my 20’s, I didn’t want her health journey to look the same way mine has. She’s always been pretty healthy, but we wanted to do everything that we could to support her immune system and development, so hopefully she will not struggle with the things I have once she is older.

Since Micah has began at CLC, we’ve been able to see developmental changes through her adjustments and subsequent scans. It’s really reinforced our decision to bring her here. If she’s constipated, we bring her in for an adjustment and it resolves the issue almost immediately! If she’s fighting something, we bring her in for an extra adjustment and she’s able to get over the illness so much more quickly.

Another unexpected change we’ve seen since beginning chiro care is her eyes aren’t crossing nearly as much anymore! Micah got glasses when she was 15 months old. Before starting care, if Micah wasn’t wearing her glasses, her eyes were pretty consistently crossed. The doctors told us it probably wouldn’t be until Micah was 8 years old that her eyes would be normal. We’d only been coming about 2 months when we started noticing her eyes don’t cross nearly as much when her glasses are off! The only thing we’ve changed is incorporating chiropractic care. It’s so cool to see her eyes are pretty much normal now!

I’m excited Micah is going to have this foundation and support for her immune system and development, that she is going to grow up understanding how her body works and honoring that. Chiropractic is helping her stay healthy, vibrant, and just live the best life she can. We are so happy with our decision to start getting her adjusted!”

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- Kelsey

“I came to Congruent Life because of my terrible back/hip pain and all the migraines and headaches I was getting each month. I had tried other chiropractors and doctors who prescribed me medicine to try to help with the pain, but it never seemed to work or last. It was very frustrating.

CLC looked at the cause of my problems and wanted to make me better as a whole person and not just put a bandaid on my problems. I really started to realize that my care at CLC was making a difference when I was at Walmart with my 13 year old daughter… We were in a hurry so her ice cream didn’t melt in the car. I was being an embarrassing mom and running through Walmart and having a blast. The reason this really hit me was because before CLC there is NO way I could have run through the store… I would have been in too much pain.

I feel great now! My headaches and migraines have improved so much, I am more active with my kids, I’m sleeping through the night, and I’m not as tired. I am also now off my antidepressant medication!”

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- Nicole

“I started coming here when I was 17 weeks pregnant because my ears were blocked with fluid and I was experiencing hearing loss because of it. They tried antibiotics to help clear the fluid, but they weren’t working. They told me the next course of action was to have tubes put in. I was really panicked. I work in surgery, I know the risks that come with being pregnant and under-going surgery and anesthesia. I was really worried about how that could affect my baby and myself. I didn’t want to experience permanent hearing loss either. I was scared.

I wanted to find some relief that didn’t involve surgery. When I came to CLC I felt like my problems and concerns were really listened to. I loved your approach. You did scans of my nervous system to see how I was functioning internally. I like the way you could find the pinpointed spots of the most stress on my system and just correct the areas that were NEEDED rather than a “crack, crack, crack” approach.

I always felt like everyone knew me, you guys made me feel so welcomed and comfortable right away. I started feeling better within the first few weeks of coming here! I came back one day and my hearing was completely restored. I was on the verge of tears, it was so amazing. All the fluid was gone and I didn’t have to put myself and my baby through the risks of a surgery.

I also always heard people talking about how labor was really hard and painful. I was getting adjustments during pregnancy and the stress in my ligaments and spine were being addressed, I feel like it made labor and delivery a lot easier for me. I feel like my body was just ready to give birth. Now with this pregnancy, I’ve been getting adjusted since the very beginning instead of waiting the 17 weeks. I feel all around better. My back doesn’t hurt nearly as much. I am carrying myself better. And I have NO FLUID in my ears this time around.

Chiropractic care has helped us avoid frequent doctor visits for illnesses. If I’m ever feeling run down or under the weather, I always come to the chiropractor first. I’m much more empowered and proactive in my health now.

I’ve also always had chronic lower back pain which is rarely an issue for me anymore. I know if I was struggling with back pain like I was before coming to CLC, I wouldn’t be able to be active with my daughter like I am now. It’s also helped with my daughter’s ear infections. My husband had a history of ear infections and tubes, but we were able to prevent that from happening with my daughter. My husband also comes and has experienced a lot of relief.

Chiropractic has just made life easier for all of us, we look forward to our adjustments every week! We can be active as a family together, we are healthier and happier because of it!”

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- Kristin

“Before starting care at Congruent, I was having pains in my lower back and hips and I was tight through my shoulders. Now I’m a lot more tuned in to my body. I had immune challenges before. It’s helped with my anxiety, especially over the last year. It helps physically and mentally.

I knew I couldn’t feel any worse than how I felt; I learned about chiropractic and wanted to try it to see if it would help.

Seeing the scans… that was a huge wake up call to what’s going on inside the body. It was so eye opening. I’m so glad you were able to educate me on it so I could understand what was going on in my body. You can sometimes take your body for granted. I feel like now my body is working the way it’s supposed to. I feel stronger and I feel more in control of my body.

I’m able to focus better on my physical health and mental health. I feel better, I sleep better, I’m not in pain and waking up at night. I’m glad I found something that’s preventative and proactive. I know you guys really care about me and my life. This is the best thing I’ve done for my health in years.”

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- Vivi

“Before starting care here, Vivi would have some crazy fits that I wouldn’t be able to bring her out of very easily. It was one of those things where I thought, “Is she a 3 year old having fits or is this abnormal?” Then, she started getting up in the middle of the night, again, I asked myself the same thing. After about 2 months of both of those things happening together, I began to think it wasn’t normal, my mom instinct said I should explore chiropractic care.

It was super frustrating because it felt like there was nothing I could do to help her. I know she has big emotions and there were no strategies I had to help her calm down. I felt lost. My youngest started sleeping through the night but then Vivi started getting up. I thought we were past that. I was exhausted and I know she was exhausted.

I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors before and I’ve never seen the scans that you do done before, plus going over them in depth. You guys did such an awesome job explaining everything, from what could be happening and what we could be seeing as a result of interference. She had so much energy before and that was on those scans too. It’s super kid friendly here which is nice, the doctors and staff are so good with kids. It’s helpful knowing my youngest can be in the waiting room and play while I’m tending to Vivi.

It wasn’t an immediate thing, but after a couple weeks, maybe once a week she’d sleep through the night. This was a big deal! She had been waking up 1-3 times every night. When she started sleeping through the night again I was like, “Maybe this is working!” Then a couple weeks later she’d sleep through the night a couple times a week! She’s now to the point where she pretty much always sleeps through the night! When she does have a fit she can easily come out of it.

I was so encouraged to start chiropractic care for Vivi because I was doing something to have a positive outcome, instead of just turning my wheels and wondering, “Why is she not sleeping through the night, why is she having these issues?” Coming to the chiropractor and having Dr. Mike and Dr. Nikki explain what might be going on in her body and then having an action to help, gave me so much more hope than just reading a book and hoping that it would just fix on its own. I felt like I was being an active participant in her health, that was what was most encouraging to me throughout the process. Irregardless if it worked immediately, or took awhile, at least I knew I was doing something for her.

I’m hopeful we can keep on top of the health, being proactive instead of reactive. My husband and I are proactive when it comes to our health, but it took this happening for us to realize we need to be doing that for our kids too, for their future, so they can be healthy in the mind and the body. I’m grateful knowing the difference between, ‘is my kid doing this because they can’t control their body and emotions’, or ‘is my kid doing this because it’s a stage they’re in.’ There’s a vast difference. Now I have a better idea of what’s normal and I’m glad I listened to my intuition.”

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