- Erika (mom)

“I started at Congruent Life because my son had severe digestive problems. We have tried over the counter meds, and they didn’t help. He also had some anxiety tics that were intermittent since he was little.

After the first month of care at CLC we all noticed a big change in him! He now has more regular bowel movements, and is way less gassy. He is also SLEEPING better! In general, he’s a happier and healthier kid!

Dr. Mike takes the time to listen to my concerns, as well as explaining things to me so I know why these things were happening in the first place. All the staff is very friendly and kind. We appreciate all the help and love from them!”

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- Cathy (mom)

“I started at Congruent Life approximately 2 years ago, primarily for my daughter who suffers with ADHD and anxiety. Shortly after, I also started care at CLC. I started due to stress and a horrible memory. I couldn’t even remember appointment dates despite having them on my calendar. Fast forward 2 years and I am amazed at the difference. My memory is slowly improving, but the overall improvements in my HEALTH is what surprised me the most. I rarely get sick now. I work at a child care center and used to be sick so often, despite having worked in the field 20+ years.

Before care, I also was experiencing terrible back/hip pain and frequent migraines and headaches. I had tried other chiropractors and doctors who prescribed me medicine to try to help with the pain, but it never seemed to work or last. It was very frustrating.

My daughter and I both get adjusted weekly now. My daughter says after adjustments her body feels more relaxed and less jittery. She looks forward to going and we both feel like the team at CLC is extended family. We love them to pieces! When things were at its worst for us they gave us hope and encouragement. My daughter is in the middle of her teen years, and I can confidently say that I know her anxiety would be WAY worse without the care at CLC. Dr. Mike and Mady have been so gentle and sweet to myself and my daughter as well as provided consistent and excellent care.

The other thing that impresses me about CLC is that we don’t just get adjustments and leave. Dr. Mike takes the time to explain what he’s doing and how it affects our system. Education is the key to understanding how our body works and it’s been interesting to put all the puzzle pieces of anxiety, stress, pain etc. into one big puzzle of understanding. We love this family/chiropractic office and couldn’t feel more blessed to have them in our life. PS…We have loved the added bonus of getting to know their little Greyson. He makes us smile everytime we see him!”

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- Julia

“I began chiropractic care at Congruent Life through a suggestion from my older sister. I had been battling a cold that turned into bronchitis for over a month, and it was clear that my immune system was suppressed. I had also been battling with extremely poor sleep quality; most nights getting only a few hours of sleep and waking up multiple times throughout the night. I was constantly exhausted and the lack of sleep lead to increased anxiety and decreased energy. I was struggling to make it through each work day without heavy caffeination, and had no energy to keep up with my usual exercise regime. I was also experiencing poor digestion and my stomach would hurt often after eating.

I always try to go the natural route, and had tried various herbal teas, meditation, essential oils, and altering my diet. However, I was still constantly waking through the night, and struggling with low energy, productivity, digestive upset, and anxiety.

After meeting with Dr. Mike, he took the time to really explain how my issues were connected to subluxation; how it affects the balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, digestion, sleep, and immune system response. Within just a few adjustments my sleep was improving. Now, I am sleeping through the night completely! I feel more refreshed when I wake, and have more energy throughout the day, allowing me to be more consistent with my workouts. My anxiety has also decreased, I have less stomach pain, and overall I just feel so much better! I rarely get sick now, and when I do my body is able to fight illnesses so much more quickly than before!

The whole team at Congruent Life is amazing and super friendly. They really care for all their clients, and have a passion for what they do. It’s always funny how excited Dr. Mike gets when I have a really good adjustment and how genuinely happy they all get to see improvements. I would recommend them a million times over!”

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- Bella

“I love taking Bella to CLC. Since we started her chiropractic care, Bella has changed so many things for good. Bella is now open to try new foods, her immune system has gotten stronger, plus she seems to be more relaxed about different situations that would have altered her previously. Because of her Cerebral Palsy she would get very scared with loud noises like the flushing of the toilet and the hand dryers. Now she doesn’t make a big deal about them! Our latest improvement is the weaning of her reflux medicine, which we have tried for so long.

I could go on and on. This is a great place, love everything there.”

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